Keep Your Expressions In Check

Keep Your Expressions In Check

As we age, the expressions we make begin to show in our skin. Part of being a human being is expressing yourself so this definitely isn’t something to be ashamed of in any way. That being said, there are certain expressions that are commonly made as a result of something else being an issue. To avoid a lot of that, we’ve decided to gather up some of the more common facial expressions and help you keep your expressions in check with some easy solutions. You don’t have to deal with uncomfortable expressions any longer!

Eye Squinting
If you’re a contact lens wearer, you’ve likely experienced the eye squinting expression a time or two. This often comes with the squinting and closing of one eye at a time, with the other a little more open. Like we said, if you wear contacts you know what we’re talking about here. It’s a common expression made when your eyes become dry from your contact lenses. Aside from dry feeling eyes being uncomfortable it can also cause you to squint too often (which can lead to fine lines later on in life) and feeling a little self-conscious about the constant squinting. The best way to handle this expression is to switch to a more hydrating eye solution. If you have a lot of dryness in your eye when wearing your contacts it’s a common sign that your solution isn’t providing you enough moisture.

Eye Rolling
We’re all humans, right? Right. So that means we’ve ALL rolled our eyes a time or two (likely a whole lot more) in our lives. Eye rolling is quite common, especially when we find ourselves irritated or feeling less than excited about a situation or what someone is saying. This isn’t to say that we don’t care about other people and what they have to say/do but it’s quite alright to not be entirely interested in everything you come across in life. However, not being aware as to when you’re rolling your eyes can be a bit of a problem. Since we know you don’t want to offend others (right?) being a little more self-aware as to when you’re making this type of expression is important. Try paying attention to how often or when you’re actually rolling your eyes. Since it is such a common expression it’s easy to not realize when or how often you make it. Awareness is the first step!

Another facial expression that we often don’t even realize we’re making as often as we are. The problem with frowning is it can lead to lines and sagging in our skin later in life. We realize that life happens and we’re not ALL going to be happy ALL the time, but avoiding frowning as often as possible can be helpful. And this isn’t just helpful to your skin’s appearance later in life, it’s also been found to help boost your mood! The next time you find yourself feeling down and frowning, make a conscious decision to perk up and make a happier expression-you’ll be surprised at how different you FEEL.

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