Keeping Your Peepers Healthy

Keeping Your Peepers Healthy

We all have eyes (obviously), and it’s important that we keep them as healthy as possible.  Most of us spend a lot of time trying to keep our skin and hair healthy, but don’t always focus on our actual eyes.  Sure you probably make sure to apply your favorite eye cream during your skincare routine, but what about your EYES?  Maintaining the health of your eyes is important because, well…you want to see, right?  Since you may not be super familiar with maintaining your eye health, we’re sharing tips for keeping your peepers healthy.

Wear Protection
When it comes to different weather elements, it’s incredibly important that you make sure you’re wearing proper protection.  This doesn’t mean just wearing sunglasses in the summertime.  Keeping your eyes protected from wind and other elements with protective glasses or sunglasses can really help to make sure nothing is going to happen to your eyes.  For example, when it’s really windy outside things can get blown around and fly right into your eye (not good!).  In addition, it is important that you’re wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.  The sun can cause major problems for your eyes, so do yourself a favor and protect them.

Give Your Eyes a Break
If you’re on the computer a lot (like so many of us are) and/or read a lot, chances are you’ve felt like your eyes were tired a few times (or probably more).  Experts suggest giving your eyes a break when you’re in the habit of reading and spending a lot of time on computers/looking at screens.  The general rule is that every 20 minutes to look away from whatever you’re looking at for at least 20 seconds.  It’s a quick and easy way to give your eyes a rest and allow them to adjust from the stress they’re often put under from looking at these types of things for an extended period of time.

Keep Them Clean
You may be in the habit of touching your eyes, rubbing your eyes, or if you have contacts not using the BEST sanitary habits.  Since our hands and other elements are exposed to so many different types of bacteria throughout the day, it’s really important that you make sure you’re maintaining clean habits when it comes to dealing with your eyes.  This means…don’t just touch or rub your eyes unless you’ve washed your hands.  And of course, if you have contacts follow the instructions your eye doctor gave you.  We get it can feel like a hassle to actually follow these rules, but if you want to keep your peepers healthy you’re going to make sure to keep them up!

Additionally, it’s been found that your overall health and diet play into keeping your peepers healthy.  This means make sure you have a healthy, well balanced diet and maintain your health as much as possible.  You only get one set of eyes in your life, make sure you keep them healthy!

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