Last-Minute Party Hair Ideas

Last-Minute Party Hair Ideas

Parties are a common weekend activity this time of year, with countless occasions and excuses to throw a party getting an invitation to a party last minute is highly likely during the warm weather months. Being spontaneous and getting those last-minute invites are always a fun way to mix up your typical routine but we can’t deny that not having a lot of time to decide how you’re going to style your hair can be a bit stressful. Since getting those last-minute invitations can throw you for a loop, we thought we would help you stay prepared with some of our favorite last-minute party hair ideas.

The Chic Half Up Style
Half-up hair styles are always a crowd favorite because they’re pretty easy to style, regardless of your hair’s length, and it’s always a chic classic hair style. Regardless of the hair texture, you have naturally (or may have styled previously that day), simply style your hair in the classic half up hair style. To create a more party-ready twist to the classic style, add in an accessory where your hair is pinned back. Using a pin, bow, or any other hair accessory in that place helps to really create a different twist to the look and you don’t need a lot of time to make it happen.

Braid Along Your Hair Line
We’re also big fans of braided hair styles because there are so many easy and stylish ways to work them into your favorite hair styles. Part your hair in a deep side part and with the section that has the less hair begin to create a braid along the hairline. This can be done in a French braid or a traditional braid. Once you’ve braided the hair pin it back into a half up style, only just pinning the one side of your hair back. Add in some waves and texture to the rest of your hair and voila! Another great party hair idea you can throw together in a matter of minutes.

Woman with braided up-do style

Braided Up-Do
We told you we love braids, and we’re willing to be you haven’t utilized braids in this way before. While updo hair styles generally mean a lot of time and patience to styling, we’ve discovered an updo hair style that you can do in just a few minutes but will LOOK like you spent a whole lot more time on it. To begin smooth the top of your hair as much as you can to create a streamlined surface, this updo is a low bun type of style so style the top portion that won’t be in the actual ‘bun’ as you wish. Once you’ve done that section your hair into three sections and braid each section into a low ponytail braid. After you’ve braided each of the three sections begin wrapping the braids into buns and securing them. Once you wrap each braid into a bun you’ll be left with an updo that looks incredibly intricate and stylish.

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