Layered Cuts for Long Hair

Layered Cuts for Long Hair

Long hair is often sought after by many women, celebrities walking the red carpets always look so stunning with their long locks.  One key to having gorgeous long hair is having a layered cut.  There are so many different ways to achieve a layered look with long hair, it can be a bit overwhelming.  But to eliminate some of the overwhelm, we’re sharing a few of our favorite layered looks for this season for you.

Long Textured
One layered look that looks great on EVERYONE is one that consists of long layers that start at the chin area.  It adds a great textured appearance and gives you a lot to work with as far as styling goes.  Often times if you have layers that are too short it can limit you as you style your hair, or want to pull your hair back into a sleek ponytail!

Add Bangs
If you’ve had layered hair for a while and you’re looking to switch things up a bit, adding bangs is a great way to add a fun twist but keep your length.  Whether it’s a side swept bang or full bang it’s a fun twist to your long hair.  In fact, adding a shorter side swept bang/layer that begins just under your cheeks can add a great defining effect.  Bangs and shorter layers are great for adding definition and highlighting your facial features in a subtly gorgeous way.

Stylish woman with wavy hair

Add more Layers
Again, if you’ve been rocking the long layered look for a while and you just want to switch things up without losing the length there’s another option.  Add even more layers!  Yep, add more!  It’s a great way to achieve even more volume with your look and switch it up just enough to give you a little ‘something’ without chopping your hair into a bob.  The key to this is keeping the layers on the longer side, so even though you’re adding layers they can be added but kept longer.  This, again, will help with styling your hair.  But it’s a fun and easy way to add some va-va-voom to your look.

Another way to switch up the layered look is to ask your stylist for a “V” type of cut.  This is basically having your hair and the layers close to your face shorter and in the back a bit longer (no, this isn’t a mullet by any means).  It’s a great way to add a modern twist to the layered look and switch things up a bit.

There are so many ways to rock a long layered hair cut this season, if you’re loving your cut you can play around with all the different low-light and highlight trends going around.  The great thing about your hair is it isn’t permanent!  So trying something new doesn’t have to be scary.  Don’t love it? It’ll grow out!  Have fun and see what ways you’re up for trying to mix up your long layered hair this year.

Which of these options do you think you’re going to try out first?

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