Less Than 30 Mins to Frizz Free Hair

Less Than 30 Mins to Frizz Free Hair

It’s the dead of summer, and you are finding you can’t escape the frizz that weasles its way into your tresses every time you step foot out the door. What are you to do? Today, Lionesse has some helpful information on how you can beat the problem of frizz and humidity. Let’s take a look in the article below.

Choose Moisture Rich Shampoos & Conditioners
Fighting frizz all begins with what you use in the shower. Using a moisture infused shampoo and conditioner that targets dry or frizz prone hair is exactly what you need to do to take the first step in fighting frizz. Frizz begins when the hair is thirsty for moisture and it seeks it from the air around us, such as humid weather outdoors. It then absorbs an excess amount of moisture because of the lack of moisture being fed to the hair when we don’t use moisture rich shampoo products.

Air Dry Your Hair
During the humid summer months, lead stylists say you can take one of two routes: blow dry the hair, or air dry the hair. During the summer, air drying your hair is preferred amongst many of the nation’s top stylists, and therefore should be incorporated into your own regimen to see great results. Be sure to towel dry the hair thoroughly, and spray some leave in conditioning product into your hair to fight frizz and infuse the hair with moisture.

Moisture Cream
Much like infusing your facial skin with a moisture cream after you cleanse, your hair also needs to be infused with more moisture aside from the spray in conditioner you have already used, as well as the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner you already used as well. After your towel dry, use a moisturizing cream or blowout lotion made specifically for hair.

Mousse It Up
Using some mousse as a final step if you are going to be air drying is essential to hold everything together for the day. Be sure to apply enough mousse to the hair to make the hair look like it is ‘locking up or even ‘noodle like’. From there, you can either let it air dry, or head for the blow dryer.

Blow Dry Option
If you are going to be blow drying your hair, you will want to ensure your hair dryer is set on the lowest heat setting you need. If you have thin hair, opt for the lowest setting possible; if you have coarse, thick hair, you will want to opt for a higher heat setting such as medium to high. Be sure to use your blow dryer diffuser to ward off burning the hair. If you have a ionic setting on your blow dryer that needs to be switched on, you should utilize this setting to dry the hair quicker and more efficiently. Be sure to spritz the hair with a bit of hairspray once you are done with your blow out, and you will have a look that’s ready to stand the test of the day.

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