Here are a few important tidbits about the various collections that Lionesse has to offer. Each of our collections helps you to take care of a different aspect of beauty and skin care. Irrespective of your skin type, color preference, skin tone or need, Lionesse always has a unique set of products that can transform the way you look.


Ceramic Irons
The ceramic iron is an excellent choice for those looking for a cheaper and smoother solution. It doesn’t chip or peel like glass or painted metal irons and it allows the hair to glide through smoothly without causing any damage or snag. There are two types of Ceramic Irons at Lionesse – 1.25” Ceramic and 1.5” Silk Ceramic. The 1.25” Ceramic is available in Black and Hot Pink colors while the 1.5” Silk Ceramic is available in Orange, White, Purple, Fuchsia and Teal colors. The 1.25” Ceramic offers 1.25m of cable while the 1.5” Silk Ceramic offers 1.5m of cable. Both options also offer a swivel cord for easy use.


Tourmaline is actually a precious gemstone that is known to aid in the detoxification process of the human body. Our Tourmaline irons heat up quickly and are easy to use. We chose the name because the advanced infrared technology that these irons contain help in preventing hair damage and the superb plates balance your hair and leave it silky smooth and frizz free. Lionesse has 1”, 1.5” and 2” Tourmalines to offer. All three tourmalines can help you create all sorts of styles and their temperature control feature allows you to adjust the heat according to your preference. The tourmaline also features Dual Voltage for travel usage. Furthermore, each of our tourmalines use infrared technologies to protect hair color and prevent hair damage.


Curling Irons
Whether you prefer to curl your hair regularly or for those special occasions, a curling iron is a must-have accessory for any woman. Lionesse Curling Irons helps you to create those perfect tight spirals or loose waves to help you look your stunning best. Lionesse allows you to choose from all sorts of curling irons. We have 26mm, 32mm and 38mm Pro Curlers on offer as well as 25/25mm, 19/19mm and clipless curling irons on offer. The Pro Curlers can curl your hair from root to tip and helps you get the maximum coverage within no time at all. They also feature infrared technology to protect your hair from damage and loss of color. The 25/25mm, 19/19mm and clipless curling irons are also equipped with a stick-free coated aluminium Teflon barrels that can give you a smoother and faster result.


Exclusive Sets
The Lionese Complete Set Black is your ultimate styling set. It consists of important styling tools and offers you with all your styling solutions in a single set. The Lionesse Complete Set Black consists of three products – a Mini Hair Straightener, a 1.5” Ceramic Straightener and a 20/32mm Barrel Curling Wand. The Lionesse Complete Set is available in Black and Hot Pink colors. Each of these products are famous for being extremely lightweight and they can easily be carried in your suitcases while traveling.


Hair Care
Your hair is one of the first things that people notice about you. Having the right kind of hair can also go a long way in beautifying your face and giving you that glam look. There might be countless hair care treatments and procedures that those luxury salons and spas have to offer, but taking care of your hair need not be expensive or time consuming. Lionesse offers you with an exciting set of hair care products that are more than enough for the perfect hair care routine. Our hair care products have also been enriched with ingredients like Aloe Vera Extracts, Vitamin E, proteins and Olive Oil. The different hair care products offered by Lionesse include Hair Serums, Hair Sprays, Shampoos, Conditioners, Hair Masks and Heat Protective Straightening Creams.


Hair Extensions
Lionesse Hair Extensions are virtually undetectable and extremely lightweight. They can easily attach themselves to your hair and can be used to add overall length or highlight a few pieces  of your hair. The different colors available at Lionesse include Black, Black Brown, Twilight Brown, Hazel Brown on Platinum Blond, Brown and Blond, Mocha Brown & White Blond, Classic Brown & Ash Blond, Auburn Brown, Medium Brown, Honey Brown, Mocha Brown, True Brown, Hazel Brown, Medium Brown on Twilight Brown, White Blond, Champagne Blond, Light Honey Blond, Platinum Blond on Hazel Brown and Platinum Blond on Twilight Brown.


Beads Extensions
The Lionesse 20” Blonde, Brown, Mixed Brown and Black Micro Beads Extensions are an excellent choice for those wanting to add some volume and length to their hair without having to use any damaging bonding methods. These micro bead extensions last much longer than others provided you give them the proper care they deserve. Each of our 13 Micro bead Extension packs contain 125 lanyards that have been divided into groups of 25 lanyards each. We advise that you get micro bead hair extensions put into your hair by professionals for best results.


Hair Dryers
The 12V Twin Turbo Professional Hair Dryer is as good as it gets. It features a faster drying time because of infrared heat and tourmaline negative ions and offers you an extremely powerful and lightweight blow-dry. The Lionesse 12V Twin Turbo Professional Hair Dryer can leave your hair looking smooth and shiny and it doesn’t damage the hair either. Some of the main features of the hair dryer include a ceramic heater,  lionized concentration, anti-overheating device, 1-year warranty, 2000 Watt motor and 2-speed settings.


Mineral Foundation
The Lionesse Mineral Foundation is an ideal fit for your daily use and it helps you to put your best face forward. These foundations offer you with a lightweight and even looking coverage, irrespective of your type of skin. Our mineral foundations also offer you with ingredients like Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, both of which are commonly used in sunscreens because of their sun protection capabilities. We have five different natural shades to offer – Cacao, Peach, Cappuchino, Latte and Mocha. You’re sure to find the right shade to complement your skin tone at Lionesse.


Eye Collection
Any woman who is remotely serious about her make-up understands the importance of beautifying and highlighting her eyes. The eyes are believed to be the mirrors into the soul of a woman and they needed to be treated accordingly. The right kind of eye make-up can help you look elegant and expressive and it can also give your look that oomph factor. From the right color to the right application techniques, everything you need for the best eye make-up is available at Lionesse. Our eye collection consists of products like Eye Concealers, Mascaras and Eye Liner Gels. We also have 3 different hues of eye concealers to offer.


Blush/ Bronzers
Give your cheeks a flush of color with our Mineral Loose Blush. These products contain ingredients like Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide (commonly used in sunscreens because of their sun protection capabilities) and can go a long way in giving your face a natural looking flush. We have four different blushes to offer – Sand, Rose, Copper and Fuchsia.


The secret to beautiful looking make-up is to have the right application tools. One of the most important make-up tools that you must take care of are your brushes. Having the right kind of brushes can allow you to achieve flawless coverage within no time at all. Lionesse offers you with a beautiful collection of brushes for your foundations, eye liners, eye shadows and blush angles. We also offer our customers with exciting 5pc and 18pc brush sets.


Eye Shimmers
Lionesse offers its customers with a magnificent range of long-lasting, crease-resistant and lightweight eye shimmers. Our eye shimmers help you to add a seductive look to your eyes. They do not contain any harmful chemicals that can damage the skin around your eyes and are designed to prevent irritation and reduce the appearance of premature aging as well. Lionesse offers a vast collection of eye shimmers that span across numerous collections and colors.


Mousse Foundations
Lionesse mousse foundations give you a fuller coverage and a long-lasting look without making your face look extra shiny or greasy. Our unique beauty products aren’t just lightweight, they last on your skin for a long time as well. We have 7 different colors of mousse foundations on offer – Cinnamon, Mocha, Peach, Latte, Cacao, Almond and Cappuccino. These mousse foundations are all that you need to create that perfect look.


Daily Care Colleciton
Taking care of your skin on a regular basis is very important. Proper care of your skin helps you to look healthier, better and younger. This also helps you to keep your skin issues at bay, combat the signs of aging and prevent free radical damage as well. Lionesse offers you with an exciting collection of daily care products that have been formulated using luxurious ingredients like Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Ascorbic Palmitate (Vitamin C) and Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E). These Vitamin-rich formulas go a long way in restoring the appearance of your youthful glow and giving you a well rested look. We currently offer 4 different products in our daily care collection – Milk Cleanser & Skin Toner Set, Primer, Vitamin Facial Serum and Facial Exfoliator.


Anti-Aging Collection
Anti-aging skin care has become a common phenomenon across the world. With things like pollution and increased sun exposure leading to premature fine lines and wrinkles, anti-aging solutions become imperative. Our anti-aging collection contains ingredients like Vitamin A and Vitamin E to help your skin look younger and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Anti-aging collection consists of 2 products – the Cell Renewal Serum and the Firming Eye Cream.


Crystal Masks
The Hyper Rejuvenating Crystal Mask consists of ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen and lavender oil. This unique mask has been formulated to diminish the appearance of common aging factors such as fine lines and wrinkles. Proper use of the mask also helps you to get rid of tired-looking skin. The mask gives your facial skin a relaxed feel and a refreshed look.


Thermal Collection
The Thermal Collection has been formulated to help you reduce the appearance of aging and to give you a beautiful look. It consists of ingredients like Green Tea extracts, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Caffeine, Vitamin A, Aloe and Olive Oil. The Thermal Collection consists of 3 products – Thermal Day Recovery, Thermal Recovery Serum and the Thermal Recovery Mask. Each product can be used individually or as a part of the Thermal Collection. Add these products to your regular skin care routines to get the most out of the Lionesse Thermal Collection.


Facelift Collection
As the name suggests, the Facelift Collection helps you to get a fuller and tighter appearance. This exciting collection consists of ingredients like Collagen, DMAE, Caffeine, Aloe Vera, Vitamin A, Sodium Hyaluronate and Jojoba Seed Oil. The Lionesse Facelift Collection consists of 4 products – the Facelift Serum, Facelift Cream, Facelift Filler and the Facelift Mask. Each product can be used on its own or as a part of the entire collection. For best results, we suggest that you add the entire collection to your skin care routine and use as advised.


Collagen Collection
Collagen is a natural compound found in the human body that is responsible for the appearance of your skin. The human body produces lesser and lesser collagen as it grows old and this is the main reason for the appearance of things like aged skin, fine lines and wrinkles. The Collagen Collection helps you to target your anti-aging concerns by giving you a younger look and a smoother feel. It also goes a long way in hiding the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The collection has been formulated using ingredients like Vitamin C, Green Tea Extracts, Collagen, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Seaweed Extract and Caviar Extracts. The Collagen Collection consists of 4 products – the Collagen Day Cream, Collagen Night Serum, Collagen Facial Purifier and the Collagen Mask.