Look Great In A DIY Summer Tee

Look Great In A DIY Summer Tee

Trends come and go, just like the seasons do. This summer, just like all summer’s in the past, is filled with a wide range of different fashion trends. We don’t know about you, but there’s something about summer trends that leaves us eager to add them into our own wardrobe. Of course, since fashion trends do come and go so often it can be difficult and feel wasteful to spend a significant investment on adding those trends into your wardrobe. Lately, thanks to sites like Pinterest and countless bloggers, it’s all about DIY-ing as many things as possible. The truth is you can look great in a DIY summer tee. This summer the big  trend has been all about ruffles, in a range of different styles on tees.

We love the ruffle t-shirt trend so much, we knew there had to be a way to create a DIY version of the stylish trend. Fortunately…we found a great DIY method and we’re sharing it with you. (You know we aren’t stingy) While there are so many different, gorgeous options in stores right now they’re quite pricey for a trend that’s very ‘of the moment.’

Ok, let’s get into the DIY details-that’s what you’re here for after all. To create your own ruffle summer tee you’re going to need a few, simple supplies. Naturally, you’re going to need a t-shirt to start. The t-shirt can be any color, fabric or texture that you like. Remember that this is YOURS so you can really use your own creativity here to design your own version of this trend. In addition to the t-shirt you need ruffle trim. Similar to the t-shirt, the ruffle trim you choose is up to you and the overall look you want to create for this summer tee. Additionally, you’re going to need a needle and thread. But if you’re not comfortable sewing by hand with a needle and thread you can use liquid stitch options to get the same type of look/feel. Finally, we suggest having a few safety pins on hand. Once you have all the necessary tools you can get started with your DIY project.

Begin by placing the ruffle trim to the areas of the t-shirt that you want them in. We suggest using the safety pins at this part to hold the trim in place temporarily so you can try the t-shirt on and see how and where the ruffles are laying when you wear it. Make any adjustments necessary here. After you’ve decided on the final design of where you want the ruffle trim placed on your t-shirt simply secure the trim to the shirt using a simple stitch with your needle and thread or the liquid stitch. We suggest before applying the stitching to use a very thin layer of glue to hold the trim in place while you apply the stitch to the trim and t-shirt.

Voila! Doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?

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    Your products are fascinating, truly. I have entered your contest (face care ) and hope very much to win. I love to try before I buy. I was reading your article on the Flat Iron. You have convinced me to look into that. Thankyou for such great information.

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