Look Pulled Together and Flawless In No Time

Look Pulled Together and Flawless In No Time

Let’s face it….we want to look pulled together and flawless, but we don’t want to spend hours and hours to actually achieve it.  So often there’s a misconception that the only way to have a pulled together and flawless look is to sit in front of the mirror and stand in your closet for an extended period of time.  But who has the time for that?  We know you’re on the go all the time, and want to be able to maximize on your time spent getting ready without having to sacrifice your appearance for it.  So we’re sharing how you can look pulled together and flawless in no time.

Shower in the Evening
You may not realize it, but showering in the morning takes up quite a bit of time in your morning routine.  Switch it up and instead start showering in the evening, chances are you’re going to be shocked at the amount of time you save in your morning routine.  It frees up a lot of time allowing you to instead get right into doing your hair and makeup!

Get Organized
Let’s face it, when we get ready in the morning everything’s in a jumbled mess.  Get yourself an organization system with your hair and makeup products.  It will save you so much time because you won’t be searching for the products – they’ll all have their own place allowing you to be able to find things much easier.

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Enlist in Some of the Overnight Hairstyles
Recently, there’s been a bit boom in popularity with the overnight hairstyles.  Basically what they are is, steps you do at night before heading to bed that allow you to make minor adjustments and be done with your hair in the morning.  For example, going to bed with your hair twisted up into a headband that’s across your head (think hippy style).  It allows you to just remove the headband, release your hair and be left with wavy curls that are the perfect, effortless style that looks like you spent a ton of time in the morning.  We’ve shared some of our other favorite overnight styles in the past – they’re a life saver for helping you get ready in no time.

Plan Your Outfits
Similar to the hairstyles, the more we’re able to plan and do ahead of time allows us to save a lot of time.  Take just a few minutes in the evening to plan your outfit for the next day.  Give yourself two options, just in case something comes up or you’re just not quite feeling the first option.  If you really want to get organized for yourself and save time – take 10 minutes on Sunday evenings (or during the day) to plan your outfits for the week ahead.  This allows you to not have to worry about what you’re going to wear, but know that you’re going to look pulled together all week long.  We suggest included accessories and undergarments as well!

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