Make a Lionesse Loose Shadow Set

Make a Lionesse Loose Shadow Set

For those who aren’t aware, Lionesse has some of the world’s most beautifully pigmented, luxurious eyeshadow pigments around. We have them available in the shimmer variety, which give a pearlescent, metallic glow, and in a matte variety for those who want the color without the shine. Today, we are focusing on how you can put a fabulous Lionesse loose shadow set together yourself, and talk about which colors go well with each other for each individual set. You can always substitute out colors your love with ones you don’t – this is just a rundown of what we think would work well together, and what you should add to each individual set type. If you want to try a few different looks before opting for buying the full set as listed below, pick a few of your favorite colors from each of the lists and purchase those to test out – see how much you love them – and then come on back to complete your set!

Let’s take a look at what we think would work lovely together.

*Keep in mind, the shadow names you see with SH next to them indicate Shimmer pigments while the ones with MA indicate Matte, or not shimmery, hues.

Neutral Eyes
If you want a neutral-toned look but don’t really know how to choose which items work well with one another, you’re in luck. Here are some of the best items to add to your neutral eyes collection – which works absolutely beautifully for any occasion, casual everyday wear, or for the office.

  • MA -02 – Brown Matte
  • SH-09 – Golden Hue
  • MA-08 – Walnut
  • SH-12 – Golden Brown
  • SH-16 – Cocoa
  • SH-20 – Metallic Gold
  • SH-27 – Light Gold
  • Sh-28- Fern Green
  • SH-38 – Light Grey

Bright Eyes
If you want a bold, bright look for a photo shoot, day out shopping with friends, date night, or just for fun and games, this is the set you need to put together to look your best. These colors are sure to impress you and blow you away!

  • MA-01 – Medium Chambray Blue
  • MA-06 – Turquoise
  • SH-17 – Deep Purple with Blue Shimmer
  • SH-18- Amethyst with Silver Sparkles
  • SH-21 – Teal with a Golden Sparkle
  • SH-24 – True Silver
  • SH-26 – Raspberry with Gold Sparkles
  • SH-29 – Dandelion Yellow
  • SH-32 – Fuchsia with Silver Speckles

Smokey Eyes
There’s something exquisite and sexy about a smokey eyed look. Smokey eyes are perfect for a romantic dinner date, a night out, or even to wear to a dinner party. Here’s what you’ll need to really get the look and impress everyone around you.

  • MA-04 – Jet Black
  • MA-03 – Grey
  • SH-39 – Metallic Grey

Sensual Eyes
When you want your eyes to speak everything you just can’t say, you may want to dress them up in these gorgeous, sensual hues from Lionesse. You can create a look that will blow your better half away with these shades. A woman’s eyes are said to be one of the sexiest things on the female body by many men – so dress them up for the special guy in your life, and enjoy reaping the benefits!

  • MA-03 – Grey
  • MA-04 – Jet Black
  • MA-05 – Chestnut
  • MA-07 – Rose Pink
  • SH-17 – Deep Purple
  • SH-31 – Olive Green with Gold
  • SH-39 – Metallic Grey
  • SH-22 – Violet Blue with Silver Sparkles
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