Make Your Curls Last!

Make Your Curls Last!

Beautiful bouncy curls, waifish ringlets, beachy waves — there’s a curl for every look you are trying to create. But not everyone’s hair holds curl the same way, and even those whose hair holds curl well will have limp locks after a few hours. Using the right techniques and products can help you keep that gorgeous look longer.

Here are a few tips for making your curls last:

Let Them Cool Set
After you curl your hair, gently remove the curling iron without unwinding the curl. Use a bobby pin or hair clip to hold the curl in place on your head, keeping its shape. Allow all the curls to cool completely before you remove the pins. Allowing the hair to cool will allow the cuticle to close, which means the hair will keep its shape longer.

Cool setting your curls should only take about 15 minutes. If you’re in a rush, turn your blow dryer to the “cool” setting and blow the curls until they cool.

Use Products Before and After
Always start curling your hair by applying a heat protectant to reduce damage to the hair shaft. Then apply either a mousse or a hairspray, depending on what works best for your hair. After you are done curling and combing through your hair, apply hairspray again. The product will help hold the curl for longer.

Use Good Tools
Some curling irons are more expensive for a reason. The higher-priced curling irons are usually better quality. They heat up faster, and they reach higher temperatures that can help your hair hold a curl better. These qualities also mean that you don’t have to hold the iron to your hair as long, which will reduce heat damage to the shaft. Healthy hair will always hold a curl better than damaged hair, no matter your hair type.

Go Old School
That’s right, remember the old fashioned 1” pink sponge rollers that your grandma used to sport? There is a good reason as to why they were so popular – they actually work! Dry your hair as usual, leaving just slightly damp, and roller ½” sections somewhat tightly to the head. Spray lightly with hairspray and allow to dry completely (usually about 1-2 hours). For the ultimate hold, add a pea-sized amount of gel to damp hair before blow drying. After removing the rollers, comb through the curls with fingers ONLY – if you brush these curls, they WILL frizz. The more you play with the look of these curls, the more they relax, allowing you to use easily in updo’s and other more intricate styles.

Everyone can get beautiful, sexy curls if they use the right techniques and the right products. Use these simple tips to get the gorgeous curls you want and to ensure that they stay that way all day.

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