Monthly Skin Care Changes

Monthly Skin Care Changes

Keeping your skin consistently healthy and glowing can be tricky…especially for women as we experience different hormonal changes throughout the month. If you’re like many women in the world, your skin changes before, during and after your monthly cycle. We’re not saying it’s right, we’re just saying it’s normal. As difficult as it can be to deal with the constant changes that happen monthly, we decided to share a few tips to help you have smoother sailing. There are some monthly skin care changes that you can make, that have been found to be beneficial in keeping your skin clear.

Before Your Cycle
The days leading up to your cycle, can be the worst skin wise. It’s likely that you tend to experience breakouts galore during this time of the month. While the breakouts tend to be the result of the hormonal changes happening in your body, experts suggest there are a few adjustments you can make in your skin care routine this time of the month to combat some of the breakouts. The first suggestion is to use a gentle cleanser that consists of salicylic acid. Both of these attributes help to eliminate excessive oil and bacteria on the skin’s surface, giving you a deeper clean that’s accommodating to the skin’s needs at this time of the month. In addition, getting really strict on getting your skin cleansed thoroughly every day will help. Since breakouts are more common at this point, many women are more likely to wear more makeup to cover their spots-so you’ll want to focus even more on getting your skin clean.

During Your Cycle
After your cycle actually starts, your skin tends to calm down from some of the breakouts you may have experienced before it began but it’s common for skin to still not quite feel/look as healthy as you’d like. Again, because of the hormonal changes your body experiences many women experience skin that appears blotchy and tired. Experts suggest that one of the best things to add into your skin care routine this time of the month is a serum/treatment product that’s high in antioxidants. Antioxidants help to soothe and calm the skin, something that’s highly needed this time of the month. In addition, the ingredients help to give skin an added boost to keep it healthy and more vibrant during this time.

After Your Cycle
Before and during your cycle, your skin tends to take a lot of heat from hormones but the good news is after your cycle ends it tends to be at its best. Overall, skin tends to appear much clearer and feel much healthier. Because the hormone levels are much calmer at this point, our skin is able to catch a break-so to speak. It’s suggested to really focus on nurturing the skin at this time of the month, using your typical products to cater to your skin’s needs but going easy on the makeup application. Since our skin tends to take a lot of stress and fluctuation the rest of the month, now is the time to give your skin a break and an opportunity to breathe.

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