More Waist Training Buzz

More Waist Training Buzz

Waist training has quickly grown in the past year.  With different celebs and beauty bloggers chatting and posting about them on social media, it’s pretty hard to miss out on all the buzz surrounding them.  But of course, like anything with buzz comes the pros and cons when a new trend emerges.  There’s been a TON of chatter among the health and beauty industries on what waist trainers can or can’t do so we thought it was time to share with you some of the pros and cons ourselves.  That’s right, there’s more waist training buzz, but we’re giving you the REAL truth behind them.

The Pros
Ok, let’s start off with the positives first – because why not?  The use of waist training (otherwise known as corsets) is not a newly used method with women.  They’ve really been around for YEARS, but it’s just recently that they’ve gained a lot of momentum in popularity.  Many people believe and use waist training to create a more defined waist in their shape.  It’s said that the use of waist trainers can help to essentially reshape your midsection to give you that more hourglass shape that’s so sought out by many women.  In addition, many people use them because they’ve found and feel that waist trainers help them during a weight loss transition.  Not only that, but they’re said to have you eating less because of their tight fit – you won’t be able to eat as much as you likely do on a normal basis.  If you’re looking to lose weight, many have found that they notice their results much quicker and drastically when using waist trainers.  In addition, many use them on a daily basis to allow clothes and garments to fit more smoothly – the waist trainers act as kind of a smoothing method to streamline your shape underneath your clothes.

The Cons
We’re not always about focusing on the negative, but we do want to make sure you’re informed on what the cons are – especially with all the buzz going around about waist trainers.  One of the biggest cons that’s been found through the use of waist training is the result in breathing struggles that can arise.  Since waist trainers are tight around your midsection quite a few people have noticed that they begin to struggle breathing due to the reduction in lung capacity.  This is found to be especially true among those that smoke or have a history of smoking, however it’s not limited to just that group.  In addition to the chance that you could have breathing problems occur, some have also found that after using a waist trainer they began to experience acid reflux problems.  This is because of the restriction that occurs in the body by compressing the midsection area.  It can cause  your body to struggle digesting properly, in turn resulting in acid reflux and/or heartburn.  Finally, what many health experts say is a major con of waist training is the reshaping of your ribs/internal organs.  Since your body is constricted in a way that it isn’t used to, in some severe cases people have experienced their internal organs have faced  with being shaped in different ways – along with their ribs and overall body’s shape.

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