Move Your Workout Indoors

Move Your Workout Indoors

If you’re in a consistent workout routine – good for you!  It’s not an easy thing to get in the habit of.  But if you’ve been working out outdoors, you’re probably starting to dread the fact that the cooler temperatures are on their way.  With winter just around the corner, the outdoor exercisers are going to need to start thinking of another option for their workout.  It’s time to move your workout indoors, but before you get too disappointed we’re sharing some suggestions so that you’re still excited about your workouts even though they’re indoors.  Who knows, you may not even miss working out outside (who are we kidding, though)!

Consider The Best Option For You
If you’re used to workout out outside, it can definitely be an adjustment to move indoors.  We suggest really considering your options when it comes to indoor workout options, and think about what you feel is going to be the best fit for you.  Remember that working out is so personal, what works for your friends may feel like absolute torture for you.  So consider all the elements before choosing the option for you.  You may be feeling like there aren’t a lot of options for indoor workouts, but you can do something in your own home, join a gym that offers classes and/or has a bunch of equipment at your access, or even go to a studio gym that offers more personal 1:1 training programs.  There are a lot of options, it’s really just determining the best route for you.

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Try Them Out
The cool thing about workouts is with most options, you’re able to try them out before you fully commit.  Many large gyms offer a trial period where you’re able to give it a try and see how you like it.  If you do that, make sure during the trial you take advantage of all the amenities that you think you’d want to try or use when/if you become a member to really make sure it’s a good fit.  Just like with large gyms, many smaller studio style gyms offer some sort of trial period as well.  Many of these offer the opportunity for you to talk to a personal trainer and make sure it’s someone that you’re comfortable with.  And of course, if you choose to workout at home, do some research and find some at-home workouts – there are a ton of online resources and even videos that you can purchase to work out right in your living room.

The important thing to keep in mind when you move your workout indoors is that you keep a positive mindset around it.  Since you are used to working out outdoors, it’s going to be a bit of a shift, but stay positive and remember that no workout option is permanent.  If you get in with one option and after a while, it just doesn’t feel like the best fit for you – you can always switch!

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