Must Have Items for Your Spring Road Trip

Must Have Items for Your Spring Road Trip

Are you getting ready for the spring season? After the long winter months, so many of us are ready to get outside and enjoy the spring weather. Of course with that, often comes the rise in more trips as well. Road trips are always a fun little getaway to take with some of your favorite people and see areas that you wouldn’t if you took a plane to your destination. Thinking about taking a road trip this spring season? There are a few must have items for your spring road trip that you don’t want to forget to pack!

Water Purifying Bottle
When you’re on the road, you’ll likely pass through areas that are pretty rural and may not necessarily have bottles of water easily accessible. And let’s face it…some of the more populated areas tend to charge quite a bit for water and you don’t really know how clean the water is in that area. One of our favorite must-have items for a road trip is to make sure you bring a water purifying bottle. These are great because you can carry them just like a regular water bottle, but they have a purifying system built in so you don’t have to worry about whether or not the water you stop and get or find is purified or not – it will take care of that for you! There are quite a few different options, brands and sizes in these portable water purifying bottles so you’re sure to find one that fits in your car easily and keeps you hydrated throughout your travels.

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Mobile Hotspots
Let’s face it… we’re in a world where we’re constantly connected via the internet and when we’re not connected it feels a bit odd. While traveling on a road trip cellular spots can be a bit touch and go, and you won’t want to use up all of your cellular data on your mobile plan in your trip anyways. One of the best ways to help keep you connected more consistently, and not use up all of your cellular data on your plan, or pay a heavy fee at hotels and stops is to get your own mobile hotspot. Most cellular companies offer their version of a mobile hotspot that you can easily take with you for your road trip. This way you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re connected throughout your travels, and not have to worry about paying additional fees to hotels or rest areas that you stop at.

Noise reducing earplugs
Here’s the thing, when you’re traveling on a road trip with other people you’re bound to run into some unexpected noises. It’s just part of the package deal. Between hotel stays that may consist of noisy hotel guests, to your travel buddy snoring away, and any other disturbing noises that get you irritated – noises are everywhere. But to make sure you get your rest and you’re not constantly irritated by the noises, one of the best things to pack for a road trip is a noise reducing/canceling earplug or headset.

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