Must Have Summer Bags

Must Have Summer Bags

Keeping style simple in the summer seems to be a common theme among most women.  It’s hot, maybe humid, and we’re all just feeling a little more casual than usual.  So naturally we want our style to be easy and carefree also.  There’s something about bags that women are always excited about and wanting new options with new seasons.  Maybe it’s because they’re an easy and fun way to switch up your look and don’t require any additional steps in your morning routine.  We thought it would be fun to go over the must have summer bags this year to get you some ideas!

Clutches All Day
One (maybe) surprising must-have bag for the summer is the clutch.  Clutch bags are EVERYWHERE this season.  They’re great because they’re small, compact and easy to carry.  There are a ton of great styles (and even better prices) in clutch options on KnowStyle, so you can adapt the clutch trend easily and fashionably.  Depending on your personal needs, there are a lot of oversized clutches this season which is great for when you need a little more room than the traditional tiny clutch bags.

Woman holding a fringe handbag

Bags with Fringe
In case you haven’t noticed, fringe is kind of everywhere this season.   Whether the fringe is on your shoes, bracelets, or jackets it’s hard to miss it.  One of our favorite ways to incorporate the fringe trend is with the amazing fringe bags we’re seeing a lot of brands doing.  It’s a great way to adapt the trend without a major commitment or feeling like you’re all fringe everything.  It’s a really great way to add a little casual, bohemian vibe with just the addition of a handbag.  Fringe bags are found in a lot of different bag styles from clutches to bigger options, it’s really up to you to decide what style best fits your needs on a daily basis.  If you like the look of fringe but just want a little touch KnowStyle has some  great clutch bags that have a small zipper  detail in fringe – bonus!

Realistically, metallic is kind of a classic, but this season it’s really in full effect.  Metallic this season is really all about making a gorgeous statement with your bag.   Similarly to the fringe bag trend, metallic are in a wide range of different bag styles.  KnowStyle has some really great metallic clutch options, if you’re new to the trend and want to try it out slowly.  If you’re ready to go full force there are many different styles in different brands and price points that give you a variety to choose from.

One of our favorite things about bags every season is there’s always ways to continue incorporating them as the seasons pass.  We’re really fortunate this season with such great variety in must-have bags that are all the rage right now, plus with companies like KnowStyle we’re able to adapt the trends at great price points – talk about a win-win!

Which one of these must have summer bags are you going to incorporate first?

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