Nail Art Trends

Nail Art Trends

It’s hard to even begin to cover all the hottest trends in nail art. It’s all about self-expression and personalization. However, it’s easier than ever to show the world your style through your manicure. Let’s investigate top trends in nail art that best represent you.

  1. Alumni Pride. Nothing is sexier than being smart. Show off your school spirit either quite literally or with a unique twist. For your next tailgate party, or just to watch the game at home, incorporate your school’s colors, images of the team mascot and footballs. For a more subtle look, use team colors and embellish one finger with glitter. Hip-hip-hooray for your alumni spirit and nail art worth cheering for!
  2. Safari Time. Zebras and cheetahs and giraffes, oh my! Create a wildlife masterpiece with true-to-life colors or elaborate those prints with bright neons. Stick to one species, or throw in the whole zoo with different animal prints.
  3. Sweater Weather Has Arrived. Create a cozy look for your nails with a cable knit texture. This is a refined, adult way to use nail art. We love muted tones like tans, grays and pinks. This fabric-like effect is gorgeous matte or shiny.
  4. Cut it Out. Your mani will get an upgrade with fancy cut outs. You or your manicurist will use masking tape to create intricate designs for your nail style. The options are endless. You can keep one theme going throughout your entire set of fingernails or individually detail each nail. Be as bold or subtle as your heart desires.
  5. French 2.0. Love a classic French manicure, but want an update? Try an all-black French with matte nails and glossy tips for a seriously chic look. Other updated French manicure trends include moving the line to different areas of the nail – like reverse French or highlighting the nail bed with a sleek underline.
  6. Play Marbles. A super-hot nail trend these days is the marbleized look. You or your nail stylist will need tape, a toothpick, two shades of nail color, white polish and water. This is a fool-proof way to create a flowy, psychedelic 1970’s print in a very updated BOHO way.
  7. Ombre. It’s not just for hair. You can create the sassiest or classiest ombre effect for your manicure. With a sponge, your nails will have a gradient result in any color combination you choose. Try wine colors for a rich look or rainbow colors for a full spectrum. Finish with high gloss for the ultimate shine.
  8. Decorate for the Holidays. Calling all holiday enthusiasts! Don’t let your house have all the fun. From overt to covert, celebrate your holiday with a festive manicure. Try a frosty tipped winter wonderland with light blue nail beds and sparkly silver tips to create a chilly winter day. Pair red, green and gold for a luxurious Christmas manicure. Go red, white and blue for the 4th of July. Go for it with icons like little turkeys, menorahs, snowflakes, pink and red hearts and more. Totally turn heads with your one of a kind holiday do.
  9. Hardware. Texturize your nails with metal dots, gold flecks, rhinestones and more. Enhance your look with nail bling! Start with ultra-glossy nails and decal away.
  10. Mix and Match. Can’t decide between animal prints and an updated French manicure? You really can have it all! Alternate styles on each finger. Go with ombre nails and leave your ring finger for a sparkle sensation. It’s all up to you. This is the ultimate in personalization.

Get on trend with cleanly manicured nails with your style. There’s never ending options for your nail art style. Love it, you can do it again! Hate it, remove and start over. Let your manicure say something about you and be the fiercest woman you can be.


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