Natural Humectants for Your Skin

Natural Humectants for Your Skin

Skin care products are offered in a wide range of different types of ingredients. Everything from natural ingredients to the most advanced, synthetic ingredients can be found in products. Personally, we feel incredibly fortunate to have such a range of options available to all of us. Humectants are a type of ingredient that we’re noticed has been discussed quite a bit lately, but realize you may not be familiar with their role and the natural forms. There is a range of different synthetic humectants utilized throughout the skin care world, but if you’re more of a natural ingredient type of person you can still reap the benefits. Humectants, in short, are ingredients that are used to help add and retain moisture and hydration in the skin. Hydration is essential to healthy skin, so you can see why they’re so frequently used.

Aloe has long been known as a skin soother, especially when developing sunburn on the skin. It’s an ingredient that’s loaded with soothing and moisturizing benefits and as it turns out it’s one of the great natural humectants for your skin. Because of its natural moisturizing ability, the skin is able to absorb aloe quite easily to provide a lot of moisture and hydration. It’s not just great for moisture though, aloe has also been known to help reduce any inflammation in the skin and help accelerate the healing process where/when needed.

Vegetable Glycerin
This is a humectant that’s found in natural and synthetic forms, but the vegetable form of glycerin is natural and used quite frequently because of its benefits to skin hydration. This form of glycerin has been found to help make skin incredibly soft and hydrated when used regularly. Because it’s such a natural product, even those with incredibly sensitive skin are able to use products with vegetable glycerin as an active ingredient and experience great results.

It’s not just great in taste, it’s incredible for the skin! Honey is another common natural humectant utilized in the skin care world because of its natural ability to add hydration and moisturization to the skin. Similar to aloe, because honey is natural and very soothing on the skin, it’s able to be absorbed into the skin very easily. You’ve likely noticed that honey is always smooth in texture, and it helps your skin to acquire a similar texture. So often when we think of moisture, many of us worry that too much moisture will cause our skin to have an oily surface, but honey is a moisturizer that doesn’t add that oily feeling on the surface of your skin once it’s fully absorbed into the skin.

The great thing about humectants is there is a vast selection of them that are natural as well as synthetic, with skin care, it’s incredibly important to choose products that suit your skin type and texture in the best way possible. Trying different options, either natural or synthetic is a personal decision that only you know the best answer to.

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