New Research On Skin Cancer Metastasis

New Research On Skin Cancer Metastasis

So often we discuss beauty tips and tricks, but sometimes we need to bring you some of the serious side of the beauty industry. While skin care and taking care of your skin is important, there’s no denying that skin cancer is a very real reality. We’re not here to scare you, rather educate. Skin cancer has been a growing disease in the past 10 years, with more and more individuals being diagnosed. While this is a very real problem, researchers and scientists have been spending a great deal of time studying skin cancer and tirelessly searching for answers on how the cancer spreads to find a cure. Fortunately, there’s been some great new research on skin cancer metastasis.

Melanoma has been found to be the most severe form of skin cancer, with diagnosis of this type of cancer rising. Recently, researchers at the University of Iowa spent some time using new technology to actually watch how melanoma cells spread. Yes, thanks to technology advancements they’re now able to watch cancer cells like melanoma in real time and in 3D. Because of this new technology, researcher were able to get a much better idea of just how aggressive melanoma cells spread throughout the body. Their findings were quite powerful, too. What they found is that the melanoma cells are very quick in spreading throughout the body, which is why this type of cancer is so severe. Unlike many other types of cancer that pretty much stay put in certain areas of the body, melanoma spreads and makes its way to other melanoma cells to form tumors in an incredibly fast pace.

During their research at the University of Iowa, they also found that melanoma cells are similar to those of breast cancer cells during the tumor formation in the body. Finding the similarities lead them to testing different antibodies to find options that work in stopping the formation of tumors to essentially kill the cancerous cells, without harming  the healthy cells in the body. Not such an easy task, huh? While there’s a lot that went into this research and these findings, the University was able to discover a couple of antibodies that show positive signs to help with this matter.

Furthermore, because the formation of tumors is so similar between melanoma and breast cancer they’ve found that they can use the same type of drug for both types of cancer. So even though both types of cancer spread in completely different ways, with melanoma being incredibly fast (some research has found it can spread in the matter of hours) their research is showing that the drugs react the same in fighting both forms of cancer in a positive way.

Of course, there’s still some additional research and studies done on finding the right drug combination to use for both of these types of cancers. However, these findings are pretty revolutionary in the study to finding a cure to both skin cancer and breast cancer.

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