No-Dye Hair Color

No-Dye Hair Color

Coloring your hair can be a huge commitment, once you dye it you’re pretty much stuck with it for a while.  But if you’re looking for versatility of changing your hair color, without the commitment of actually dying your hair – there is a way!  Don’t believe us?  Insert: hair extensions.  Hair extensions are great ways to literally clip in different colors of hair to help you switch up your look, without damaging your hair and giving you the option to take it in and out as you please.  Pretty great, right?  If you’re interested in a less permanent way to color your hair, but not sure which color to start with, we’re sharing some of the most popular hair colors trending in the extension world right now.

Bright Hues
The bright hair trend is EVERYWHERE right now, but what you may not realize is not everyone is actually coloring their natural hair these bright hues.  Instead, they’re opting for extensions.  Applying extensions like clip-ins in different bright colors is a fun way to add an ombre-like look to your hair.  There are so many different colors right now in the bright hair trend but the most popular colors are blue, purple, and pink.  These colors are especially fun as we head into the spring and summer months, adding some fun color to your look doesn’t have to be difficult or damaging to your hair.  If you’re not quite wanting a full ombre bright color look, there are also smaller extensions that let you clip in a little piece to add to your bangs or just a small little stripe of color to your hair.  Using bright colored extensions is a great way to play around with your hair look, add some colors that you may not be ready to dye your natural hair, and mix things up!

Lighter/ Darker Colors
Another popular way women are using extensions to switch up their hair color is by either using extensions in shades lighter or darker than their current hair color.  This gives the wearer the ability to create a lowlight or highlighted effect to their hair, but again without actually having to dye your hair.  Applying the extensions so that they create more of an ombre look is a fun way to be discrete about the fact that they are extensions but give you a little something different.  Additionally, adding in touches of color throughout your hair is a great way to create a more ‘mixed in’ hair look for yourself especially when you’re using extensions in colors different from your natural hair color.

The great thing about extensions is that they give us so much versatility with our hair look.  We’re able to experiment with everything from bright colors to a more natural ombre look.  The options are virtually limitless, all it takes is stepping outside your comfort zone and using some imagination!

What do you think of these no-dye hair color trends happening?  Will you give it a try, or have you?

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