Nourishing Hair From The Roots

Nourishing Hair From The Roots

When it comes to your hair, it really starts at the roots.  While many of us spend a ton of time focusing on applying product to our actual hair to get the results of luscious hair we want – it truly starts at the roots.  We’re talking about nourishing hair from the roots, since that’s the root (pun intended) of the problem.  There are quite a few things to do to really get your roots and hair the nourishment it needs… things that you likely never thought would have such a major impact on your hair’s healthy state.

Massage Your Scalp
Ok, so you now know that your hair’s health and nourishment truly starts at the roots which means you really need to start spending more time focusing on taking care of your roots.  This means giving your scalp a regular massage, it doesn’t have to be overly time consuming, but every time you’re in the shower washing your hair take some extra time to really massage your scalp.  This can help get the blood circulating and help get your scalp and roots in a healthier state.

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Get Your Diet In Check
When we don’t eat a well-balanced diet, our roots (therefore our hair) aren’t able to get the nutrients it needs to function properly.  We’re really starting at the root with this tip, but it plays such a huge role in nourishing hair.  Take a look at your diet (realistically) and figure out what areas you can really improve.  Try to cut out as many processed foods and sugars you can, and replace them with more fresh fruits and veggies.  Doing this switch can really help get your roots and hair to a much more nourished placed because, well… you’re giving them the nourishment they need.

Get Some Treatment Going
So many of us tend to neglect really spending time doing any additional hair care treatment outside of shampoo and conditioner, but it can really play a huge role in getting your hair the nourishment it needs.  Experts suggest making the time to use a deep conditioning treatment on your hair on a regular basis.  This can really help to get your roots the conditioning and hydrating factors, it needs to really be healthy.  While it’s typically suggested to stay away from applying regular conditioners to your roots, you can and definitely should apply deep conditioning treatments to ALL of your hair.  Nourishing your roots with a deep conditioner will really help to keep your hair in a much healthier, well- balanced state when you can get into a routine with it.

Of course don’t forget that you shouldn’t be using super hot water in the shower (it can really wreak havoc on your roots) and make sure you’re being gentle on your roots.  We tend to get a little rough on teasing our hair at the roots and overall just being a bit too rough.  Keep in mind that your hair’s health and appearance really starts at the roots!

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