Oils That Nourish and Revive The Skin

Oils That Nourish and Revive The Skin

By now you know that our skin can always use some extra nourishment and reviving.  Let’s face it, we all would love to constantly give our skin those things because we all want healthy, flawless skin.  In the past couple of years the use of natural oils have really grown in popularity, while they’re not NEW (they’ve truthfully been used for many years) they’re gaining traction again especially in the skin care realm.  But with so many different oils available, you may not be aware of the best oils that nourish and revive the skin so we’re sharing some of the best oils to look for!

Coconut Oil
You’ve probably heard of many people using coconut oil to cook with, but this is a pretty versatile oil because it’s actually a great oil to add some nourishing and reviving elements to your skin.  Coconut oil is known throughout many experts as one of the healthiest oils on the planet – pretty cool, right?  Well, it’s no surprise because coconut oil has been found to help add incredible benefits to your skin from typical nourishment to anti-aging benefits it’s a pretty powerful oil.  It’s all thanks to the proteins and acids that make up this oil.

Grapeseed Oil
You may have heard about grapeseed oil, but may not be aware of how great it is for your skin.  Grapeseed oil is packed with some pretty powerful nutrients including OPCs and EFAs – which basically help give your skin some pretty incredible moisture and collagen boosting effects.  Not to mention, grapeseed oil has been found to act as a really great antioxidant giving your skin some incredible nourishment and some great revival.

avocado oil

Avocado Oil
We’ve all been in a bit of an avocado obsession, sure it’s with actually eating avocados, but any excuse to have more of this green goodness – right?  Well, it turns out avocado oil is AMAZING for your skin because it’s loaded with essential nutrients for your skin like vitamin E and omega fatty acids.  The combination of the nutrients have been found to help minimize inflammation in your skin, add amazing moisture and has some great anti-aging benefits as well.

Rose Hip Seed Oil
This may be another oil you’re not super familiar with, but you’ll want to make yourself more aware.  Essentially, rose hip seed oil has been found to help increase cell turnover in the skin – similar to what retinoids do for the skin.  But because rose hip seed oil is loaded with nutrients like omega fatty acids and vitamin A and C it helps with cell turnover in a more natural way.

jojoba plant

Jojoba Oil
You may have never actually heard of this oil, but it’s a pretty powerful secret oil that can do wonders for nourishing your skin.  Jojoba oil has been found to closely mimic our skin’s NATURAL oil, see why that’s so powerful?  Since it’s so close to our skin’s natural oil, it’s able to be absorbed by our skin incredibly easily – plus it’s loaded with vitamins B, E and zinc.  All of these nutrients have been found to give your skin some great nourishment and strength.

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