Overnight Hairstyle Ideas

Overnight Hairstyle Ideas

Does taking the time to style your hair every morning cause you a lot of stress? If you’re like us, you’re eager to get as much sleep as possible before starting your day. When your hair requires a lot of time to style in the morning, it obviously takes time away from catching some more shut eye. But what if we told you that you could actually style your hair in the evening and wake up to gorgeous hair? Well, we have some overnight hairstyle ideas that are going to help you wake up with no fuss hair leaving you with an opportunity to get some extra sleep.

Braids For Waves
There’s something about beachy waves that never gets old. They’re timeless and seem to always be on trend. Of course, they’re not exactly associated with helping you to get out the door quickly in the morning. Until now, that is. One of our favorite ways to get beachy waves in an overnight hair style technique is a lot more simple than you think, too. After showering, and allowing your hair to be wet (but not too damp) all you need to do is style it in a loose low ponytail braid. Depending on the type of waves you want, and your hair type, you may want to add more than one braid. Keep in mind the more braids and the smaller the braids the tighter the waves will be.

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Buns For Curls
Want curls in the morning without all the time it takes to get them? We do, too! Fortunately, there is a way for you to accomplish that with an overnight hair style. Similar to the waves overnight style, you want to start with hair that’s wet but not overly damp. Instead of styling your hair in braids, to get those bouncy voluminous curls we all know and love you’re going to style your hair in a bun. To get super bouncy curls, just style your hair into one large bun resting high up on your head and really ensuring that the pieces are curled and tucked into the bun. If you want tighter, smaller curls you can style more buns throughout your head to accommodate that.

Twists For Waves
If you’re not much of a braid girl, or you just want another option to get those beachy waves we have you covered. Again starting with hair that’s wet, separate your hair into two sections by creating a center part. After you’ve separated your hair gather one section at a time and twist the hair from the base of the hair to the ends and bring the hair over the top of your head and secure to the other side of your head.

It doesn’t get much easier than these overnight hairstyle ideas, does it? We can’t think of anything! Another tip to helping ‘style’ your hair overnight is to use a silk scarf or pillowcase to reduce frizz in your hair throughout the night.

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