Picking Your Curling Iron

Picking Your Curling Iron

Choosing the right curling iron for you can be based on a number of factors. Today, Lionesse will help you to realize the type of curling iron you should choose based upon your needs and requirements.

Determine the Style You Want
When choosing the perfect curling iron to purchase, it’s important to have an idea in mind of the types of styles you plan on creating once you put your iron to use. If you are the kind of girl who loves big, voluminous curls or waves, or glamour curls, you will want to stick to a large barrel curling iron. On the other end of the spectrum, if you plan on creating tight curls, updo styles with lots of curl, or typically love the look of spiral curls, you will want a small barrel iron.

Choosing a Curling Iron Material
There are many different curling iron materials available when choosing your new curling iron. Some of the materials companies utilize for the least expensive models are:

  • Low-Grade Ceramic Curling Plates
  • Plastic components (Yes, really!)

Some of the higher end models offer the following materials in the production of their curling irons:

Choosing a material should be based upon two factors. They are:

  1. Are you willing to spend more on a good quality product that will cause less damage to the hair and provide you a better style in the end, or are you not willing to spend?
  2. How often will you use the curling iron?

Based upon those two questions, you should be able to make an educated decision on which product is right for you. If you aren’t planning on using the product much, perhaps going the expensive route isn’t where you want to be. If, however, you think you may use it 3+ times per week, opting for a high-end tool, such as one from our Lionesse series, is the way to go.

Estimating the Density and Quality of Your Hair
The thickness and quality of your hair should be taken into consideration when purchasing a curling iron. If you have extremely thick hair, or very frizz prone hair, you want to opt for a material that will be able to tackle your hair type and help it to look its best. If you have hair that is damaged from a bleaching treatment or perhaps damaged due to breakage or other heat styling tools, you should also take that into consideration and opt for a high quality product that will offer your hair the best heat styling has to offer. Ultimately, the decision is yours – but do bear in mind that less expensive products produce less than quality results, and tend to cause unnecessary burn damage to the hair.

Check out our gorgeous heat styling tools, from curling irons to flat irons, exclusively offered from our Lionesse Collection. All of our products are top notch quality, and provide the perfect style every time. Your hair will look shiny, will be damage free, and your products will last a very long time with proper care and use.

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