Plan A Singles Only Party

Plan A Singles Only Party

Being single is something that we all have different feelings about.  Some of us are excited about it, while others don’t really love being single.  Regardless, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner many of the singles may be feeling pressure around being single/not being single.  But, if you’re single don’t worry!  Single’s Awareness Day is on February 15th this year, yep the day after Valentine’s Day.  We think being single is something to enjoy, and since Valentine’s Day is traditionally about couples why not plan a singles only party in honor of Single Awareness day?  We’re sharing some of our favorite tips to help you plan the perfect singles party.

The Date + List
Of course just like any party, the first step to plan a singles only party is to figure out the date and guest list.  Since singles awareness day is in the middle of the week, you’ll want to think about whether you want to host your singles party on the actual day or wait until the weekend.  Of course, there are pros and cons to either option, so decide what you prefer for your own party.  Once you decide on the day, it’s time to decide on your guest list.  Since it is a singles only party, you’ll want to make a list of all the single people you know in your friend group.  Using social media sites like Facebook is a great way to really organize this.  In fact, we’re all about using the event feature on Facebook to invite your guests and get a real head count – let’s face it, we’re all on the site all the time anyways!  One thing we always suggest to consider when hosting a singles only party is to make sure there’s a fairly equal guy to girl ratio.


The Food + Drinks
Any party requires some great food and drinks, especially a singles only party.  This is really going to determine how elaborate you want your party to be, if you want to make things easy just stick to a few great appetizers.  But if you’re going for more of a dinner party type of vibe you’re going to need to plan out your meal a bit more.  We always think it’s fun to have a signature drink for a party, especially when you’re planning something more specific like a singles only party.  Do some searching and see if you can find a fun signature drink that’s in theme with the singles only vibe.  Or something that you think everyone will enjoy.  While we always enjoy having a signature drink for an event, it’s always nice to have other options for guests to enjoy as well.

The Ice Breaker
Of course, you want to ensure that you have a great playlist going on in the background of your party.  But since this is a singles only party, it can be fun to come up with a fun ice breaking game or strategy to really get everyone mixing and mingling.

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