Planning A Digital Detox

Planning A Digital Detox

As we approach 2017, we’re all more attached to technology and digital items than ever before.  And let’s be honest…it’s only getting more and more prominent.  We definitely live in a technology driven world, with so many different sources of technology at our fingertips (literally and figuratively).  But with the constant usage of technology and digital items so often, it can get to be a bit much sometimes – and we don’t even really realize it.  Many people have found that taking a bit of a detox from it all can be really beneficial to your health and state of mind.  Since we’re getting ready to ring in the new year, we thought it was the perfect time for sharing some tips on planning a digital detox.

Decide On a Time
If you’re thinking that it’s time for a digital detox, the first real step is to figure out how long is a real doable amount of time for you.  Finding a realistic balance between something that’s well, realistic for you, but will also give you a bit of a push or step outside your digital norm.  Planning a digital detox doesn’t mean that you need to take weeks and weeks off of technology at a time, it can mean unplugging after a certain time in the evening or the weekends.  It can even be taking one weekend off of technology.  Since so many of us do depend on technology for work, make sure that you’re really being realistic with yourself here so it doesn’t do the reverse and cause you more stress.  Take some time to think about what would be a realistic amount of time for you, and make a promise to yourself that you’re going to stick with it.

Determine What the Digital Detox Needs to Be For You
Since we’re all different, and use technology in different ways it’s important to think about what a digital detox is going to look like for you.  Will it mean that you’re going to stop checking emails for a certain amount of time?  Will it mean taking a break from social media?  Only you truly know what you need a digital detox from, think about what you feel is bringing you some sort of stress or anxiety in your life and what you just feel like you need a break from for a bit.

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Plan Some Fun Activities
Taking a break from technology means you’re actually going to be stepping away from those screens that we all stare at all too often.  Since we’re so used to having technology at our fingertips constantly, it can be a bit odd to take a break from it.  We recommend scheduling in some other fun activities to get your mind out and busy doing things that you enjoy doing.  Chances are you’re going to be much more present without the technology.  Spend some time enjoying the outdoors, or doing some much needed self care rituals.  Whatever you enjoy doing, make a plan with yourself to go do it – technology free!

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