Planning The Perfect Picnic

Planning The Perfect Picnic

There’s something about picnics that feels so right in the middle of summer, spending an afternoon with a loved one and/or friends enjoying the weather in your favorite park.  It feels so appropriate for the 4th of July, too.  But if we’re honest, we don’t go on picnics as often as we’d really like because they take a little more planning than your typical meal.  The great thing about picnics is you really can make them as simple or extravagant as you want.  If you’re interested in planning the perfect picnic to enjoy the summer weather this season, we’re sharing some of our favorite tips for accomplishing that!

Use Containers
Let’s face it, we need to carry all of the food and supplies in something and those somethings need to allow us to be somewhat organized. Now this doesn’t mean you have to have fancy containers that are expensive, and it doesn’t mean you have to use a basket even!  Even using things like cardboard boxes or bags will work.  As long as what you use is easy to carry and will keep your food and beverages from spilling or making a mess.  Additionally, many people suggest keeping your food separate from other supplies (like blankets, plates, etc.).  This way if there is a little mishap the food won’t get your other items all messy, plus if you have items that need to be in a cooler you’ll want those separate from the other items.  When planning a picnic it’s really all about getting yourself an organized situation going on so you’re able to easily carry what you need.

Prepare What You Can
While it’s not suggested to partially cook items like meat, preparing other food items ahead of time will help allow you to spend less time cooking and more time enjoying your picnic while you’re there.  If you can mostly assemble things like sandwiches, salads, etc. it will make packing up easier plus it’s already done when you arrive!  Just keep in mind how the pre-prepared foods will take from the time you prep them to the time you serve them.  For example, sometimes if sandwiches have condiments like mayo on them for too long before eating the bread will get soggy.  Consider those little things and maybe you just add the meat to the bread but save the condiments for your arrival.

Consider the Heat
While items like coolers can help keep your cold foods … cold it’s important to make sure whatever you bring to your picnic doesn’t need to be in extreme cold in order to maintain its state.  So basically ice cream…not the best choice.  This is because ice cream really needs to be in freezer conditions in order for it not to melt.  Since you’re planning a picnic outside, it’s likely hot out and the ice cream will likely melt really quickly.  Even items like mayonnaise can be iffy if not kept cold enough.  Basically, you need to consider how cold the food needs to be in order to be healthy for you and your loved ones.

What tips do you have for planning the perfect picnic?

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