Planning Your Social Media Detox

Planning Your Social Media Detox

We live in a world where we’re constantly sharing and always attached to our mobile devices.  Let’s be honest, we all spend quite a bit of time on social media.  Whether you’re just scrolling through your news feed, sharing your own updates, or anything else it’s always something that’s there.  While it’s a great way for us all to stay connected, it can also feel a bit much at times.  There are more and more people talking about doing a social media detox to give you a break from the constant buzz on social media.  If this is something you’ve been feeling pulled to do, we’re sharing some great tips we’ve found for planning your social media detox.

Pick a Time Frame
Much like any other detox, it’s important to decide how long of a span of time you feel would be the best fit for your social media detox.  There are no rules so this is up to you.  Do you want to really lay low for a while?  Try a week or two.  If you just need a mini break 5 days to a week may be all you need.  The best part is you can really feel this out and determine what length of time you think would be the most beneficial to you, your lifestyle, and that’s doable.

Choose Your Boundaries
Social media detox is something that can mean different things to different people, which is why it’s important for you to decide what your specific boundaries are for your social media detox.  Decide what social media platform (or all) you really need to detox from, and put those boundaries in place.  Change the settings for those platforms to off so your cell phone isn’t constantly going off with temptation to check.  Deciding and really putting boundaries around your detox is really going to help you have a handle on the detox and allow you to enjoy the process much more.

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Plan Some Fun Activities
Since we’ve all become so attached to our phones, having a social media free length of time can leave you almost wondering what you’re going to do with your time.  This is the perfect time to plan some activities you’ve been wanting to do on the weekend, or week night.  You’ll be keeping yourself occupied, but as the added bonus because you won’t have social media to lean on you’ll likely be much more present in the moment and really be able to enjoy the activities in a way you might not have with social media.

Reply to Emails in Chunks at a Time
Here’s the thing, many of us need to be on our phones for work-related emails.  And if we’re really honest between emails we’ll check our social media pages every so often.  To resist the temptation during your social media detox make a decision to check your emails and reply to them at certain points throughout the day – this way you can read/reply in batches preventing you from having that strong urge to check your social media channels.  Decide what times throughout the day you feel are going to be best, create a schedule around it for yourself.

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