Prepping This Fall’s Gala Season

Prepping This Fall’s Gala Season

Since fall is quickly approaching, your social calendar is probably starting to fill up quickly.  Fall time typically means the rise in formal events occurring, especially different gala events.  While gala season is super fun and glamorous, it also means that there’s a little pressure (whether self-inflicted or otherwise) on how you look – more so than normal since there will be a lot of pictures being taken on the regular.  Of course you want to look and feel your best at the galas you attend, so we’re sharing some of our favorite tips to prepping this fall’s gala season to get you ready for a successful gala season.

Consider the dress codes
It’s likely that you already know the galas that you’re going to be attending this fall, you’ve received the invitations and looked at the dress code.  This is going to be incredibly helpful, because you now know what you need to wear and let’s be honest that’s always a major stresser.  Take a look at the dress codes for any and all of the galas you’re going to be attending, and then take a look through your current wardrobe to determine whether or not you have the types of dresses/outfits that you need.  If you don’t, make a list of what types of outfits you’re going to need and start getting some inspiration for your style.  One of our favorite places to get outfit inspiration is Pinterest, make a board to gather outfit ideas – this will be super helpful when it comes to actually shopping and putting outfits together.  While we often feel like we need entirely new outfits for everything, consider your existing shoes and accessories – you probably have more to work with than you think!

Schedule your beauty appointments

If you’re not really a DIY kinda lady, then you’re going to want to get your beauty appointments set up as far in advance as possible.  As much as we all tend to wait until the last minute for things, you’re going to be so much less stressed if you schedule them ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about it the week of the event(s).  Make all the calls and get your schedule situated so you’re happy with whatever beauty appointments you need to feel great for the gala.  From hair and nails to spray tans, you’ll thank yourself later for planning ahead of time.

Don’t forget the little things!
Since it’s likely you’re going to be photographed quite a bit as you attend galas, you’re going to want to make sure even the little things are at your best.  Some ladies suggest getting into a teeth whitening routine as far in advance as possible so you can feel confident shining a bright smile for the photographs.  In addition, keeping up with a healthy hair and skincare routine throughout the season will help you to not worry about your hair going through a freak out…or god forbid a major acne breakout!

What do you do to prep for the fall gala season?

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