Preserve Your Skin’s Elasticity for Fewer Wrinkles

Preserve Your Skin’s Elasticity for Fewer Wrinkles

Wrinkles are one of those things that’s dreaded by everyone.  So many of us are determined to resist signs of aging from appearing in our skin – hey, no shame in it!  One of the key factors in really keeping our skin from developing wrinkles is to keep the elasticity in our skin strong.  However, we realize that you may not be aware in how to actually preserve your skin’s elasticity for fewer wrinkles.  So naturally, we’re sharing tips on how you can do exactly that so you can be on your way to preserving your skin and keeping wrinkles away for as long as possible.

Use Food and Exercise to Your Benefit
There’s been a lot of discovery around the relationship between what we put into our bodies and how our skin looks and functions.  Eating a well-balanced diet, filled with as many fresh fruits and veggies and lean proteins have been found to do wonders for our skin.  A lot of this is because these types of foods are also rich in the nutrients that our skin needs, as we mentioned above.  In addition, exercising on a consistent basis has been found to help preserve our skin’s elasticity because it gets the blood flowing and helps to ease stress levels – both of which tend to take a toll on our skin’s elasticity.

Kick the Bad Habits
When it comes to preserving our skin’s elasticity, our daily habits play a major role in maintaining that.  The first habit?  Not using sun protection.  The sun does a number on our skin, especially the elasticity in our skin.  So if you’re not currently making it a habit of protecting your skin from the sun you’re going to want to start making it one to preserve your skin’s elasticity.  In addition, smoking is another habit that tends to wreak havoc on our skin’s elasticity.  If you’re a smoker, but you really want to avoid wrinkles it may be time to think twice about lighting up again.  Finally, not drinking enough water has been found to be another habit that doesn’t do our skin’s elasticity any favors.  Want to really preserve your skin’s elasticity? Make sure you’re in the habit of drinking plenty of water, when our skin doesn’t get enough hydration it begins to thin and thinning skin is a loss of elasticity – see the theme here?


Get Your Skin the Necessary Nutrients
In order for our skin to function properly, and preserve its elasticity it needs essential nutrients.  Keep in mind that our skin is the largest organ in our body, so it needs a lot in order to really do what it needs to do to keep up with its appearance.  Feeding your skin by drinking water is one way, but don’t forget to make sure that you’re using products that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins like vitamin C and E – which are really powerful and great for helping our skin feel nourished and healthy.  Of course using skin care products that yield these types of nutrients are crucial, but many experts also suggest getting these nutrients into the body through food and supplements as well.

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    Treat yourself to a nourishing face mask whenever your skin feels in need of an extra boost and invest in a good skin brightener for instant radiance.

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