Pretty Hair Don’t Care

Pretty Hair Don’t Care

The whole apathy thing has surely been drug out just about as far as it can go, right? Well, maybe not, according to a leading survey among the top trend-followers.  Not caring is still big business, from appearances, and it looks like it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. While nobody seems to be caring, the whole apathy movement is drawing a lot of attention, wherever it happens to show up.

The Extent of Not Caring
There is more than enough apathy to go around, when it comes to hair, especially, with all of the most recent “don’t care” dos circulating around these days. There are the following, for example:

  • Messy Hair Don’t Care
  • Dirty Hair Don’t Care
  • Short Hair Don’t Care
  • Long Hair Don’t Care
  • Curly Hair Don’t Care
  • Straight Hair Don’t Care, and
  • I Don’t Care.
  • So There

Actually, Every Hair Cares, to Some Extent
Apparently, this whole “not caring” movement proceeded out of a rather common occurrence between all women, for the most part. So many divas have enviable hair, and the last thing they would ever admit to would be that they had somehow strived to get their particular look. Surely, among all of today’s gen, caring is seen as the weakest trait. Whether anyone cares or not is all their own business, and while the world may never know the details, they surely care!

Earlier Than Today’s Hair Fashionistas Might Imagine
Actually, the whole concept of “don’t care” originated with the hippie movement, when young hippie girls railed against the status quo, and their prudish and narrow-minded take on practically everything in the world. At the time, the “long hair” thing had more to do with the male population than the female one. The establishment–being the then governing antithesis to a newer, Woodstock’s “anti-establishment,” and their proclamations on men with long hair facilitated a response from the first-ever, rebelling youths in a manner that would take this long to resurface. The convention of the then adults, who had emerged from the difficulties of the Great Depression somehow correlated men with long hair with homosexuality, most likely due to the way in which the longer hair could actually confuse the gender of a person when seen from behind.

Progress With Apathy
Cutting edge artists have continued on with this way of thinking in this day and time. Lady Gaga, Rhianna, Madonna and many other celebs that “buck the system” are constantly paving the way for future generations to do what they “feel” and that often comes out in what they wear, through over-the-top makeup and in their hairstyles. Lines are being crossed in fashion that are bolder and more daring than ever before. The aspect of apathy probably has more to do with the manner in which any up and coming generation must clearly define itself as distinctly separate and independent-thinking. And so, in honor of everyone’s most defining style, please go ahead and “don’t care” away–it’s your time to shine, and you are entitled to “not care.”

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