Preventing Hair Breakage

Preventing Hair Breakage

As women, we take pride in our hair.  So when we experience hair breakage it can cause some panic.  If you’ve been experiencing hair breakage, we’re nailing down a few key tips to consider to try to avoid this happening to your beloved locks.

Easy on the Heat
Most of us women are notorious for styling our hair with heated styling tools often (if not daily).  Using too much heat on your hair can cause damage that can then turn to hair breakage.  Try minimizing how often you use those heated styling tools.  It’s best to air dry but if you need to use a hair dryer turn the setting down so it’s not the highest heat setting.  While it seems like a little thing, when we use these styling products daily it can put a lot of strain on our hair.  This also goes for sun exposure.  The sun causes heat and when you’re outside your hair is being exposed to it for sometimes hours at a time.  Try not to have your hair unprotected from the sun for too long.

Get into a Hair Care Routine
It’s actually not necessary to wash your hair every day, in fact, it’s best not to wash it every day.  If we over-wash our hair it can cause our hair to become dry…in turn causing breakage to happen.  See a theme here?  So figure out a hair washing schedule that works for you and your hair.  Additionally, find a great hair moisturizer to assist with hydrating your hair (remember we’re trying to avoid our hair getting too dried out).

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Don’t Brush Wet Hair
Seriously, don’t do it!  It’s said that when your hair is wet, it’s in its weakest state.  So brushing your hair when it’s in its weakest state can cause breakage to occur.  We also tend to be a little too rough with brushes so it’s best to avoid brushing altogether when your hair is wet.  It’s ok to use a wide toothed comb, but even then only use it when your hair is conditioned thoroughly.

Consider Your Products
Often times hair care products are full of different chemicals.  Try not to use too many of these products too often.  The chemicals can cause your hair to become too dry, so give your hair a little break.  This goes for pulling your hair back too often too.  Some women get in the habit of wearing their hair back in a ponytail every day, but that can put a lot of strain on your hair and… you guessed it, cause breakage. This is big for those with long hair because the more hair you have the more weight is being held up by the rubber band.

As you can see there’s a bit of theme when it comes to hair breakage.  Avoid circumstances where your hair can be at risk for getting dried out.  Often it’s the constant strain and dryness that causes breakage in your hair.  Ready to beat hair breakage from happening?  It’s time to start adapting some of these tips into your daily life.

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