Protect Your Bosom With These Tips

Protect Your Bosom With These Tips

When was the last time you thought about protecting your bosom? It’s ok, most of us don’t think about it all that often. We’ve been taught to think about protecting our face from the sun and other elements that can cause our facial skin’s appearance to become skewed. We’re not here to tell you that’s a negative thing, because we definitely want you to continue those habits. But we are here to tell you to spend a bit more time focusing on other areas of your body and skin. To get you started, we’re dishing on how to protect your bosom with these tips:

Apply SPF Habits to your Bosum
By now, you’ve gotten into the routine of applying SPF to your face and perhaps neck area (hopefully among others) but you’re probably forgetting about your bosom. The thing is, with different garment and swimsuit tops your bosom is exposed to the sun a whole lot more than you likely even realize. The skin on our bosom is much thinner than skin in other areas of our bodies which is why it can show signs of aging much earlier in life. That being said, it’s time to start applying those sun protection habits to your bosom area to keep the skin protected from the sun just like the rest of your body.

Exercise Regularly
We’ve all heard the various benefits of exercising regularly, but it’s not just limited to staying healthy internally and helping you to achieve any weight loss/maintenance goals you may have. Many experts suggest that staying active and exercising on a consistent basis can help to protect your bosom. Keeping your body, especially upper body, healthy can help enhance your posture. Staying consistent with regular muscle building activities for your upper body can also help to, well…build muscle in those areas to help your bosom and surrounding areas to stay strong and balanced.

Wear the Right Bra
Contrary to popular belief, wearing a bra has been found to NOT actually prevent sagging from happening over time. However, that doesn’t mean that bras aren’t an important part of protecting your bosom. Bras tend to get a bad rap for being uncomfortable, but if you’re wearing the right type of bra for your bosom size and body type it should be very comfortable. The key is to get properly fitted for the right bra size and type for you AND wearing the right type of bra for every type of activity. What we mean by that is wearing the right type of bra for exercising can make a huge difference in your comfort level. Build your bra wardrobe to consist of the options that you need to suit the activities you participate in on a regular basis so you’re comfortable and protected regardless.

Protecting your bosom is a lot like protecting any other area of your body, maintaining healthy habits consistently is going to help you in the long run.

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