Protecting Your Hair from Heat

Protecting Your Hair from Heat

A good blowout can make your hair look amazing — like you just had a Hollywood stylist working on it. And your hair may seem lifeless and dull if you don’t either straighten it or add some curl to it. While all this heat might produce some amazing styles for your hair, it can also damage your hair and make it frizzy and weak. You need to take steps to protect your hair from the heat in order to enjoy the best of both worlds. Here are a few things you can do:

Use the Right Products
Many products are available that are designed specifically to protect your hair from heat. These are known simply as heat protectants or some other variation on that name. Apply these products to your hair before you blow dry or use a straightener or curling iron. The products will lock in the moisture and create a barrier between your hair and the heat source. The products will also reduce frizz and ensure that your hair has great shine.

Set the Right Temperature
You don’t need the highest setting on your hair tool to get the best results. Start with the lowest setting and go up in increments if you must. You may have to hold the tool on your hair for longer, but the lower temperature won’t be as damaging to your hair. If there is ever smoke coming off your hair or the tool, the temperature is too high.

Keep Moving while Styling
Don’t rest your blow dryer or curling iron in one spot on your hair for too long. Keep moving the blow dryer or the curling iron quickly to get the style you want without damaging your hair. You can always go back over a spot if you don’t get the results you want. Again, lower temperatures over longer exposure are better than higher temperatures.

Buy Good Tools
Ceramic straighteners and curling irons are the best you can buy. They deliver precise temperatures faster, helping you to get results in less time. You will be able to limit your hair’s exposure to heat. The best tools also have precise temperature controls, rather than a simple “low” or “high” setting, so you have more control over the level of heat.

Skip It Where Possible
Of course, the easiest way to protect your hair from heat is to limit its exposure to heat period. Air dry your hair where possible instead of blow drying it. Put your hair into a stylish pony instead of curling it. Leave your hair naturally curly instead of straightening it. The variety in styling not only creates diversity in your looks but also limits your hair’s exposure to damaging heat. You can also try other tools to get the look, such as leave-in rollers instead of a curling iron.

Protecting your hair from heat will limit the damage, ensuring that your hair is stronger, shinier, and more vibrant. Follow these tips to keep your hair protected from the heat.

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