Protecting Your Skin From Sun, Salt and Chlorine

Protecting Your Skin From Sun, Salt and Chlorine

Summer is here-are you excited? It’s such a great time of year, filled with outdoor activities and sunshine galore. Of course, with all good things comes a few negative side effects. It’s just the circle of life, right? Since we do tend to spend time outside, in the water and embracing all the wonderful summer activities our skin is exposed to a lot of different elements that can cause stress to our skin. We want you to continue enjoying all that summer has to offer, so we have some tips on protecting your skin from sun, salt and chlorine.

Use Waterproof Sunscreen 
We want you to enjoy the water activities but we also want you to keep your skin protected. Since water activities tend to combine salt/chlorine AND the sun, one of the keys to keeping your skin well protected is using a waterproof sunscreen before getting into the water. The water can be reflective of the sun, causing more damage to your skin so you don’t want to go into the water without any protection. Waterproof formulas are, obviously, much more resilient to the water than others. Experts suggest applying a waterproof sunscreen is essential, and reapplying regularly throughout the day is just as important.

Rinse Your Skin ASAP
The problem with salt water and water that’s filled with chlorine is both elements tend to cause a lot of dryness to the skin. To keep your skin protected and not being stripped of too much moisture, it’s suggested to rinse your skin as soon as possible after you were enjoying either type of water. You’ll want to be sure you’re rinsing your skin with fresh water to give your skin a thorough rinsing. If you don’t have a gentle soap, at least rinse with just water but once you’re able you’ll want to wash your skin with a gentle soap to ensure that you get all of the salt and/or chlorine off of your skin.

Apply Moisturizer Immediately
As we stated above, both salt and chlorine can cause a lot of dryness and loss of moisture to the skin. In addition to rinsing off these elements as soon as you can you also want to get into the habit of applying a great moisturizer to your skin when you’re done in the water. Adding a quality moisturizing product to your skin after you’re out of the water will help add a big dose of moisture back into the skin, to keep your skin protected from becoming too dry. Some experts suggest that if you’re not able to rinse your skin after being in the water, at least applying a moisturizer will help to add that moisture into your skin until you’re able to rinse. You will, however, want to use a moisturizer that’s pretty creamy because your skin was exposed to drying elements you can use something that’s a bit heavier than you might normally.

Do you have any favorite ways to protect your skin from the summertime elements?

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