Providing Extra Moisture To Your Hair

Providing Extra Moisture To Your Hair

The weather is starting to become cooler, and with that comes a drier climate.  While it’s nice to have less humidity in the hair, it also means that we have to work a bit harder to make sure that we maintain moisture in our hair and skin.  When our hair becomes TOO dry, it becomes brittle and breakage can occur.  Keeping your hair moisturized is really an essential element of keeping your hair healthy.  We’re sharing some of our must-know tips to providing extra moisture to your hair to make sure you keep your locks well moisturized and healthy all year long.

Be Careful How You Heat
We love to use curling irons, hair dryers and flat irons just as much as you do, but unfortunately overuse of these types of styling tools can cause our hair to lose a lot of moisture.  The combination of dry air plus putting our hair through a lot of heated hair styling can really cause your hair to become incredibly dry.  In order to really get and maintain moisture in your hair, experts suggest minimizing the amount of heated hair styling use you put your hair through (especially this time of year).  Giving your hair a break in between heated sessions.  In addition, when you DO use heated hair styling tools, make sure that you are applying a heat protectant product to your hair to really help it lock in the natural moisture and protect your hair as much as possible from getting damaged from the heat.

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Don’t Forget Conditioning Treatments
Ok, so you know about using a conditioner after shampooing your hair when washing, but it’s also important to use other conditioning treatments in your hair to really get that extra moisture locked in.  You know not to wash your hair every day, but to get even more moisture in between washes some experts suggest applying a small amount of leave-in conditioner to your hair between washes to get your hair that extra boost it could be craving.  In addition, get into a routine of doing a deep conditioning treatment to your hair.  Deep conditioning treatments can really do a lot of repairing and healing to your hair on a level the other conditioner types just can’t.

Switch Your Conditioner
Conditioners are great for, well… conditioning your hair.  A good quality hair conditioner is going to give your hair a great boost of moisture and help to lock in the natural moisture it has.  Because the weather is changing and becoming drier, it’s suggested to switch up your hair conditioner for this time of year to really get the extra moisture it needs.  Opt for a conditioner that’s creamier and thicker, this will help give your hair that’s likely extra dry even more moisture to hold onto.  Keep in mind, you don’t want to be washing your hair on a daily basis – as this can cause your hair to become even drier as washing your hair strips your hair of its natural oils.

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