Quick Hairstyles You Can Do with the Lionesse Complete Set

Quick Hairstyles You Can Do with the Lionesse Complete Set

The Lionesse Complete Set gives you the ultimate power to create every hairstyle you would ever want to have, with all the control to pull each one off with the precision that at one time only belonged to the pros. The must-have tools for women who enjoy having styling options that are easy and accessible. Each tool gives you another dimension of styling capabilities that render unique effects that you don’t want to ever be without. With the Complete Set, you can enjoy the full scope of styling prowess, with unlimited ability to create stunning results, with impressive shine and bounce. When paired with the amazing emollient luster that Lionesse Hair Serum provides to protect your hair and enable superior styling a whole world of styling options awaits you!

A High-Quality Breakthrough for So Many Different Hair Types
Having a hairstyling arsenal of a top quality flat iron, curling wand and mini straightener offers unprecedented power to transform any hair type into performing exactly like you want it to, and without looking artificially styled. There are many flat irons and curling wands that are sold every day—in department stores, drug stores, discount outlets and also online, many of which can be purchased at low-end prices. If you have been misled into buying any of these cut-rate heat styling tools, you owe it to yourself to give heat styling another go. There is a vast difference between the weak and limited performance in cheap, run of the mill heat styling tools and the professional delivery that’s a component design promise that’s yours, with every Lionesse tool and product.

Have the Hair You’ve Always Wanted
One of the most widely suffered problems in hair styling has had to do with the limitations of style possibilities for curly hair, with the difficulties increasing in proportion to the intensity of natural curl. The intensity of curl occurring naturally in each person’s hair is developed within the follicles, and there has been no science to penetrate this deeply for delivering straight tresses to anyone who desires them. This is where having the Lionesse Complete Set makes the biggest difference—not only giving those with naturally curly or kinky hair the look of naturally straight hair, but vice versa. The old saying, “The grass is greener on the other side of the fence” holds true with hair, as in “the hair (unlike mine,) is prettier, because it’s curly/straight. It’s natural to always want what you don’t have, and thanks to Lionesse, women are no longer blocked from easily having any type of hair they desire.

Ultimate Style Control, Delivered
The Lionesse Flat Iron is certainly not limited to hair-straightening alone, but with its excellence in rendering the most natural looking straight hair, right from the roots on out, this is where advanced styling begins for the complete transformation of any naturally curly hair. Go from super tight natural curls to loose, flirty elegance of beachy waves in minutes. With roots-to-midway sleekly straight and shiny, any style of curl you desire is yours, for the rest of the way out to the ends. And style away, with the confidence of knowing that your heated styling tools feature state of the art technological advancements that won’t fry or dry out your irreplaceable hair.

Your Fastest Flat Iron Styles
When it comes to quick styling, the superior heating of each Lioness Complete Set component reduces the time it takes to get the styles you want. You can use your Lionesse flat iron to straighten as well as curl and wave your hair. At the point wherever you want your curls to begin, clamp down on sections of hair, and give your wrist (and the flat iron) a half-twist, while slowly pulling the iron toward the ends, to create loose and lovely waves. By switching to the mini straightener for this style, you can create tighter waves, and the smaller each section is, the curlier the waves will be. Create unique angular wave patterns by winding a section around one side of the tool, clamp down, release and keeping the hair still wound, slip it off and onto the other side to position the heat to the rest of the section. This makes a cool looking back and forth wave that’s impressive. When you’re in a hurry, you can direct your styling efforts to the top sections of your hair and be good to go. Run your flat iron slowly over braided hair for an instant braided wave—ultra quick results.

Curled by the Wand
The possibilities continue, with curling wand power. While the more modern look begins at the base of each curl and involves wrapping hair around the wand outward and leaving the ends straight, there are many looks that begin with the traditional method of curling that begins with the ends, and moves up. Create different sizes of waves, your way, depending on where you wrap your hair on the cone-shaped wand. Pin together freshly curled ringlets while still hot and leave in overnight for a luxe pin curled effect.

The Mini Muscle of the Mini Straightener
With the mini straightener, you can keep your morning style going all day and night. Refresh those bangs before they betray the rest of your style—go to the most humid of locations with frizz controlling once-overs whenever you wish. With a mini straightener in your purse, you can even give your outfit a quick refresh, right before that meeting or interview, by mini-ironing those lap-wrinkles from sitting away.

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