Raising Confident Teen Daughters

Raising Confident Teen Daughters

If you’re raising daughters, you know it can be stressful to determine ways to raise them confidently.  With all the different pressures in the world on appearance and being ‘perfect,’ it’s not the easiest to grow up as a girl to be confident and even feel confident throughout the process.  There have been quite a few experts on this subject that have done research to determine ways to raising confident teen daughters, because it’s not always easy.  If you’re not sure where to start, we’re sharing a few of the tips we’ve discovered on this topic to help get you started.

Treat YOURSELF Kindly
One of the things that many experts have discovered is that young girls are incredibly impacted by how they hear their mothers talking about themselves.  If you’re a mom raising a daughter, it’s suggested that you avoid speaking negatively about your own appearance/body – especially in front of your daughter.  It’s been found that this impacts teen girls because they often grow up thinking they’re then supposed to put themselves down or think negatively of themselves, because they grew up seeing their mom do it.  We get it, it’s really hard to do – but you will BOTH benefit from avoiding a lot of the negative self-talk.

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Encourage Her Interests
Because there are still a lot of pressures on women to be like princesses and cook/clean, and still not a lot of emphasis on their education and passions, it’s encouraged that you help make that switch.  If your daughter has certain interests, show interest yourself and help her figure out ways to incorporate those interests into her life more, and become more involved in them.  When the parent of a teen shows interest in the teen’s interests, they’re found to be more willing to pursue them in a positive way.  It’s not that you have to ‘baby’ your teen, but the encouragement will be reassurance that it’s ok for them to be interested in whatever it is they’re interested in.

Show Your Belief
Let’s face it, it’s a tough world out there and teens are really looking to their parents for encouragement and belief.  It’s easy to feel discouraged, but experts suggest that when you continue to tell your teen daughter that you believe in her and whatever she’s doing they’re much more likely to believe in themselves.  Applying this to multiple areas of their lives, from education to athletic sports and everything in between.  Raising a teen daughter to be confident is highly impacted by her own belief in herself.  Do your best at showing that you believe in your daughter, and encouraging her to go for what she wants is going to do wonders for her confidence.

Since social media has risen, especially among teens, many experts suggest putting some parameters around your teen daughter with social media.  Encouraging them to be more private, not put everything on social media to share, and then not getting caught up in the online confrontation too much.  It can be difficult for teens to actually get away now with social media, so this can be incredibly helpful in today’s world.

What do you think helps with raising confident teen daughters?

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