Recovering From A Bad Hair Day

Recovering From A Bad Hair Day

Is there anything more frustrating than a bad hair day?  Not much!  While it’s insanely frustrating to deal with a bad hair day, we all face them every once in a while (or sometimes more).  Unfortunately, it’s just kind of part of life.  However we had a feeling there had to be some tips and tricks to recovering from a bad hair day that were doable, and managed to bring your hair back to life a bit.  We did actually find some super awesome tips, so naturally we’re sharing them with you because no woman deserves to have to just ‘deal’ with a bad hair day.

Switch It Up
Sometimes when you’re having a bad hair day, a quick way to recover and switch it up is just to change your part.  Yep, it really can be that easy!  It’s like sometimes our hair just gets too used to being styled in the same way all the time and decides to act up.  If you wear your hair parted to the left side all the time and find yourself in a major bad hair day, try switching to a middle part or right side part.  It’s a little trick that can instantly create a boost of volume in your hair and all you need to do is dampen the roots a bit and blow dry the hair to help it stay in the new part.

Don’t Miss The Product
Another super easy way to recover from a bad hair day is using hair styling products.  Most women don’t utilize them enough, and they can be total life savers.  Dry shampoo is the ultimate magic wand of haircare products, especially for a bad hair day.  Most hair experts swear by dry shampoos because they’re just plain awesome.  Just spritzing a bit of dry shampoo at your roots can instantly recover your hair and create some amazing texture that has you feeling like “bad hair be gone.”  Whether your hair is just washed or not, dry shampoo is great for adding some texture that can really bring your hair back to life and allow you to style it easier.

Use Accessories
Whenever we think of accessories we typically think necklaces, bracelets, etc.  But we can’t forget the wide selection of hair accessories we have at our disposal!  Using hair accessories can be another quick and easy way to really recover your bad hair day (and really just cover it up).  Adding a headband or scarf can really disguise a bad hair day, without looking like you’re intentionally trying to cover up a bad hair day.  Even when worn just with the hair down, adding an accessory can bring your hairstyle up a notch and take all the frustration away in just a few seconds.  There are so many different ways to utilize and use hair accessories, doing a quick search on Pinterest can get you a little inspiration in no time.

Do you have a go-to way to recover from a bad hair day?

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