Reduce Sebum to Reduce Acne

Reduce Sebum to Reduce Acne

Do you suffer from acne breakouts? No matter what age you are, dealing with acne breakouts is a struggle many of us face. It may make you feel better to know that it’s an incredibly common skin care struggle, but that definitely doesn’t make things easier to deal with. There are so many different skin care products and treatments available that promise to help reduce acne breakouts in the skin, so much so that it’s rather overwhelming for the average consumer. Lately, one of the common attributes of acne discussed is sebum. Many experts are suggesting that you need to reduce sebum to reduce acne. Curious? Keep reading!

Sebum is What Causes Oil
You may not be familiar with the word sebum, so we wanted to start there before getting into further detail. Sebum is essentially the oil that’s produced in the skin. As you’re likely already aware, when our skin has too much oil it tends to result in the appearance of acne breakouts. In turn, many experts stress that if we’re able to reduce the amount of sebum that’s produced in our skin it will automatically help to reduce the amount of acne breakouts we deal with. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Cleanse Your Skin Properly
One of the factors that’s said to help reduce sebum in the skin is cleansing properly. Even if you’re currently cleansing your skin on a daily basis, unfortunately many people tend to cleanse improperly. It’s not enough to quickly go through the cleansing step in your routine and use whatever cleansing product you can get your hands on. Cleansing is when we’re removing a lot of the excess oil and dirt from the surface of our skin, knowing that it’s essential that you’re taking your time going through this skin care step. Taking your time is one element that needs to be applied to this step in your routine, but also using the right type of cleansing product. If you struggle with a lot of acne breakouts in your skin, using an oil free cleansing product is the best option for you. Using acne fighting formulas help to target the excess oil that your skin faces, making for a much more productive cleansing process.

Use Detoxing Masks
Masks and using them regularly have become much more widely referenced in the past year or so. With countless face mask formulas and options available to us, it’s much easier to get your hands on a quality face mask. Another incredibly effective way to reduce sebum in your skin is to make use of these face masks, primarily focusing on a detoxifying mask. Masks that focus on detoxifying the skin are incredible for helping to remove a lot of the excess sebum, or oil, that our skin tends to hold on its surface. Masks are also really great for targeting removing the excess sebum and oil, which is why they’re so incredibly effective for acne fighting reasons.

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