Reducing the Look of Wrinkles

Reducing the Look of Wrinkles

Right now, practically all the baby boomers, a whole lot of gen-Xers, more than a few gen-Yers, a somewhat reduced percentage of millennials, are, in the aforementioned capacity, regretting the choice they made, on a comparative number of occasions, to simply abandon all concern over potential skin damage from basking while fully unprotected in the sun. Such frivolity even includes a surprising number of the Still Awaiting a Name Gen, who seem to operate mostly from an internally-driven, wholly Narcissistic set of prompts.  Surely during some point of their tenure, these unnamed up and coming will remove words like “care,” “concern” and “worry” from use, being that all such terminology will convey absolutely no discernable form of meaning, which will render them absolutely useless, in having no conversational value. Let’s see how they’ll eradicate wrinkles resulting from exposure to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, as well as other known wrinkle-producing habits like smoking, for without a cure, wrinkles will surely prevail.

Sleep On it
Sleeping in one same position all the time will eventually take its toll. Intentionally switching to sleep in different positions, and mostly on your back will help the wrinkles from forming or becoming worse.

Schedule an Eye Doc Appointment
You could be squinting and not even realize it–because of your eyes. Make sure you’re working with decent vision, and if you need glasses, wear them. Along these lines, make sure to bring your sunglasses wherever you go, and wear them to prevent that kind of squinting.

Watch Your Diet
For all the right wrinkle-reducing relief their nutrients provide, make sure to include plenty of fresh fruits and veggies in your diet. Introduce salmon and some soy to your intake, and cut back on the coffee by adding hot cocoa. Increase your water consumption as much as you possibly can.

Adjust Your Routine
There is such a thing as too much washing and scrubbing. Avoid harsh soaps, and especially those with sulfates and parabens. Never scrub, but gently wash in tiny circles, even spending a little of the time massaging your skin to facilitate improved blood flow to the area.

Any Moisturizer Will Suffice
Never underestimate the value of using any moisturizer that is available. While there are a lot of great wrinkle-targeting lotions and serums available, when all that you have is a generic form, use it anyway. Simply keeping your skin moisturized is always the prominent goal. Unless your skin is exceptionally dry, try to stick to oil-free formulations.

Less Alcohol, More Water
That’s right, alcohol is drying to the skin, inside AND out! Alcohol will actually cause you to lose water and make your skin look less supple. Hydration is key when it comes to looking and feeling better. Getting the daily dose of 64 ounces of aqua plumps your skin and fills in the lines and creases, making wrinkles disappear. If you are going to drink, drink water – especially if alcohol is on the menu!

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