Safely Cleanse Broken, Irritated Skin

Safely Cleanse Broken, Irritated Skin

Broken or irritated skin can be difficult to manage. Not only is it uncomfortable, it can be tricky to really cleanse without causing further irritation to arise. If you’ve ever had broken or irritated skin (really, who hasn’t at some point?), you know the dilemma. It’s important to make sure that the way you take care of your skin when it is suffering from this type of situation, that you’re doing so carefully and safely. You may be wondering …”ok, how?” Don’t worry because as always, we have a few tips up our sleeves to share with you on how to safely cleanse broken or irritated skin.

Be Mindful of Water Temperature
Ever notice when you have broken, irritated skin hot AND cold water tends to be pretty harsh on the skin? You’re going to want to be really mindful of the water temperature when cleansing your skin in this particular irritated state. Either end of the spectrum, hot or cold, can cause the skin to develop even more irritated because of the drastic temperature it’s being exposed to. Instead, focus on using water that’s room temperature when cleansing. This is going to allow your skin not to have to go through any severe temperature struggle and feel much more soothing.

Use the Right Cleanser
Your skin’s in a fragile state when it’s broken or irritated, that being said you’re going to want to make sure you’re not using a cleanser that can cause it to have more irritation. It’s going to be essential to make sure that you’re using a cleanser that’s very gentle. Furthermore, many experts suggest NOT using a cleanser that contains sulfates. These elements can cause irritation in the skin normally, but this is especially true when you’re dealing with skin that’s already trying to fight some irritation. You want a cleanser that’s going to allow you to actually cleanse the irritated area of your skin, so stick to cleansers fitting in these categories to make sure you’re able to actually get that skin cleansed.

Don’t Skip Moisturizer
Many people feel like when their skin is dealing with irritation they don’t want to apply many skin care products in fear that they may make matters worse. But you’re not going to want to skip following up your cleansing step with applying moisturizer. Moisturizer is going to be a crucial step in the cleansing process. Moisturizing the skin helps to add moisture and lock in the natural hydration. When our skin is lacking both of these things it can lead to further irritation arising in our skin. Since we know you don’t want that to happen, make sure you’re using a moisturizer after you cleanse your skin. However, much like the cleanser tips mentioned above-make sure the moisturizer you use is gentle and really focuses on hydration/moisture for the skin so you don’t add any further irritation to the skin.

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