Save Face With These Celeb Inspired Beauty Secrets

Save Face With These Celeb Inspired Beauty Secrets

Celebrities know ALL the beauty secrets, don’t they? It sure seems that way. While they do have the advantage of having the opportunity to work with the best beauty industry experts, to the average person it sure seems like they have a secret folder with all the best secrets. The truth is, many of their secrets are OUT now. Thanks to the internet and social media, we’re now able to get the ‘in’ with many of the beauty secrets celebs use-and put them to use for ourselves! Save face with these celeb inspired beauty secrets:

Use Makeup to Add a Healthy Glow
It always seems like celebs just have that effortless natural glow, but they use the right makeup products to achieve that! Using blush and natural color bronzer, and blending them in with your foundation in a really smooth way is the best way to add a little color, definition and glow to your skin. If you look at a lot of celeb’s makeup looks they often have a very natural flow to their color products added to their skin. More isn’t always more, but adding just enough to create some color can make a gorgeous glow shine.


They Don’t Underestimate the Power of Water
So many celebs, when interviewed and asked their beauty secrets, all mention that they focus on drinking a lot of water. Celebs like Jennifer Lopez and America Ferrera have been quoted sharing that they’re always sure to drink plenty of water. It’s something that we hear of often, but celebs seem to be taking it seriously and the payoff is apparent!

They Change their Skin Care Routine
Celebs like Charlize Theron share that they try to change up their skin care routine every so often to keep their skin healthy and prevent your skin from getting immune to certain products. You may notice that your skin does really well with certain products for a while but then not as much after you’ve been using them a while. Changing up your skin care products on a fairly regular basis is something many celebs feel helps keep their skin healthy, vibrant and  youthful.

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Living a Balanced Lifestyle
The other common theme we’ve noticed in celebs sharing their beauty tips is that many of them seem to continue to stress living a balanced lifestyle. Meaning making a healthy diet and exercise routine and getting enough sleep a part of their daily habits. It seems simple, but it’s also apparent that celebs make these balanced lifestyle routines well…routine for themselves. Clearly it has a positive impact on their skin’s appearance.

Moisturizing is a Necessity
Another beauty tip you’ve likely heard of before (especially if you read our posts often), but it’s also a beauty secret that many celebs are talking about they make a priority. Regardless of your skin type, moisturizing is essential. It’s clear that so many celebs are talking about it, and it must be working!


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