Secret to Perfectly Undone Waves

Secret to Perfectly Undone Waves

The best techniques, products, methods and tips are always the ones that are kept secret, for all the obvious reasons. Inquiring minds nestled just beneath the hair atop many a trend-savvy head have been unrelenting in pursuit of finding the paramount hair hacks. Everyone at one time or another wonders just what information it is that certain others have been accessing that gives them such amazing waves in their hair. The easy superficial answer would be to shrug super waves off as a type of inherited hair, but a Snopes big reveal would agree that gorgeous waves–no matter how natural looking they might appear–are always a product of applied technique, sometimes with products.

No Longer a Secret, Victoria
The level of effort to produce such beautiful waves might differ from hair type to hair type, but anyone desiring to give their own hair the distinction of magnificent waves now can. Victoria’s secret–or at least, a hair waves secret that has become a well-guarded secret among what are probably many of Victoria’s secrets–is out of the bag. Enter icon Johnny Lavoy. Lavoy is the leading Lavoy Fashion Week behind-the-scenes hair authority and fixture. Among his over 30 million times-viewed YouTube videos, there are some in which the stylist details how he created those luscious supermodel signature waves for VS models. One of his clients is Brazilian beauty Gisele–considered by many to be the best-ever VS model–with Lavoy waves.

Undone and Deconstructed
Anyone who caught Miranda Lambert’s appearance at the CMA Awards will not have forgotten the chanteuse’s softly bold pink-dipped blond ombre hairstyle, courtesy of Lavoy. He shared how her soft and edgy style was inspired by how she loves to “rock out” during her performances, and calling them “deconstructed rock ‘n’ roll waves,” explained how he used both a 1” and a 1 ¼” curling iron to achieve the look.

Top Lavoy Product Indispensables
The stylist confides his reliance on spray wax, with the caveat that it must be used sparingly to avoid more of a grunge slant. For clients with finer hair, he prefers to apply hair mousse prior to curling for improved holding capability. And his go-to finishing product? Any good product formulated to give beachy, ocean-misted waves.

Stylist using a flat iron.

Lavoy-Styled Tool Arsenal
From the looks of things, Lavoy’s practice of always having multiple styling tools all plugged in at once just goes along with his diverse effects help to create a more natural looking finish. He points to the importance in using a good quality flat iron to straighten out the three inches of hair at the ends, so they will not inadvertently be over-curled.

Advanced Wave-Styling Command
Lavoy does more, and with superior results. He uses a 1” curling wand barrel size for the rest of the way up, and he alternates the direction of each curl for emphasized deconstruction–and a more natural effect. His talent at producing the ultimate textured shaggy appearance is from how he switches both the tools and techniques he uses, throughout the styling process. He likes to alternate between a 1 ½” and a 1 ¼” barrel size, applied vertically with the section. He takes the strand and wraps it around the barrel 1 ½ turns, and with the hair still in the iron, he pulls the iron directly downward. He swears by this two-sizes approach, adding that it creates the ideal amount of bend without curly effects.

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