Secrets To Shiny Hair

Secrets To Shiny Hair

If you look at celebs as they walk down the red carpet and attend events it’s apparent that they all have insanely shiny hair.  It’s mesmerizing at times, and leaves so many of us in awe as to how they achieve such shiny hair.  Of course, having a team of experts on hand is helpful, there has to be ways for the average person to be able to have shiny hair (because we’re celebs in our own minds, anyways!).  Well, it turns out having shiny hair doesn’t have to be all that difficult to achieve and we found some great secrets to shiny hair that you’re NOT going to want to miss out on.

Give Your Hair A Dose of Cold Water
Many experts suggest that after you have washed your hair (not that you’re doing it daily, right?!), to actually give your hair a dose of cold water.  It’s not to wake you up, or give yourself a shock of cold.  It’s actually said that cold water helps to seal the cuticle of your hair, which can actually help your hair to look much smoother and shinier.  So next time you wash your hair, before you step out of the shower turn the temperature dial down for a second to rinse your hair with some cold water.

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Don’t Wash Your Hair, Too Often
May seem counterproductive, right?  We’ve been trained to believe that we need to wash our hair daily to keep our hair healthy and clean, but it turns out it actually does the opposite.  Since washing your hair daily can actually strip your hair of its natural oils, it can cause your hair to look more dull and less shiny in appearance – shocker right?  So if you want to get shiny hair, you need to stop washing your hair on a daily basis to get the shiny locks back into your hair.

Enlist In Hair Care Products
Fortunately, there are a lot of really great hair care products that have been developed to help add more shine to your hair.  Experts have said that adding a deep conditioning treatment to your hair care routine on a regular basis can do wonders for adding more shine to your hair because it has so much more moisture.  In addition, there are a lot of great serums and glossing products that are available to add additional shine to your hair.  Of course, you’re not going to want to JUST use the products to get the shine back into your hair, but they can be an added bonus when you apply the other secrets.

Practice Healthy Hair Habits
The thing about shiny hair, is that it’s often shiny because your hair is healthy.  When your hair is dull, it’s often because it’s dry and brittle.  That being said, if you really want shiny hair you need to get into a healthy hair habit routine.  This means being gentle on your hair, not using heat too often, and letting your hair air dry/not be styled when you can.

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