Secrets To Treating Early Hair Loss

Secrets To Treating Early Hair Loss

Hair loss is something that many of us can agree we’re a bit nervous about happening to us.  So many people experience hair loss in some form or another as they get older.  But some experience hair loss much earlier than most, which is even MORE frustrating.  Hair loss can be the result of so many different factors, genetics, health struggles, etc.  If you’ve been experiencing hair loss earlier than you’d like, we’ve discovered some secrets to treating early hair loss to help you cope with the frustration and help you take some positive steps towards feeling better about it.

Change Your Diet
It may seem weird to talk about what you eat when we’re chatting about hair loss, but it turns out experts have found a major connection between the two.  Essentially, when we don’t eat a well balanced diet our bodies aren’t getting the nutrients it needs to be able to function properly, this goes for our hair as well.  So it’s time to take a good, hard look at your diet – be realistic.  Keep a food log if you need to, but experts suggest avoiding and eliminating processed foods, sugar, and alcohol as much as possible.  Instead, eating foods that are whole, fresh and full of great nutrients are going to do wonders for helping to treat early hair loss.

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Change Your Emotional Lifestyle
Here’s the deal, we live in an incredibly stressed out society.  We’ve almost glorified being ‘busy’ and stressed to the point where so many of us are in a state of constant stress.  Being in a constantly stressed out state of mind is NOT healthy, and many people actually experience early hair loss as a result.  Because stress takes such a major toll on our bodies and health it can definitely impact our hair and end up causing hair loss.  If you live in a very stressed out state of mind, it’s time to take a look at ways to start panning back on that stress.  We know, it sounds SO much easier than it actually is.  But in all seriousness, eliminating unnecessary stress in your life is going to do wonders for your health and treating early hair loss.  Start outsourcing different things where you can, and make sure to make time for you and to actually destress.

Talk To Your Dr About Hormones
One of the other big factors that can cause early hair loss is hormonal changes or problems.  If you’ve been experiencing early hair loss and you’re not quite sure why it’s worth talking to your Dr about any hormonal changes you may be experiencing.  There may be a way for them to help you to control your hormones and get things back in order so that you can treat your hair loss, and get your hormones back in a healthy place.

Of course, we can’t forget that keeping up with healthy hair habits and routines also plays a major role in treating early hair loss.

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