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For many people whose original senior prom happened any number of decades ago, they can remember the night, just as if it happened last week, while for others, prom memories are only a distant, fuzzy blur from their past. No matter when your senior prom occurs, there’s one (or more) thing everyone attending the event shares: the general feeling that you don’t need your parents to be so involved in what you’ll be doing this night–especially regarding the need for a curfew. Well, the good news is that if you wait long enough, you can attend the newly trending “Senior Prom,” where the only restrictions will be the ones you set for yourself, you can legally include alcoholic beverages and instead of a curfew, you can stay out all night long. The problem now may be more being able to stay UP all night long, though.

Because Everyone Loves a Good Party
Teens aren’t the only people who love parties, socializing, dancing and prom-type festivities, and because of this, there’s a new form of “senior” to emerge as prom-worthy–being just as “Prom-hopeful,” as they once were, but without the former social awkwardness and anxiety that came with attending their teen years’ prom. One by one, communities are catching on to the spirit of the “well-earned” senior prom, and with rave reviews. To the casual observer, there may be a variety of distinctions to quickly differentiate these two proms from each other. For the prom-goers, if there’s any comparison regarding enjoyment, it just might result in a tie.  It could even produce more of the retired seniors who experience their second senior prom with an even deeper gratitude than they may have when they attended their first one.

And There Will be NO Cutting of Corners
While the majority of these senior seniors will have to finance their own prom participation–with most of them living on expense limitations with a fixed income now–they can still dress the part. Formal wear options include borrowed, rented and secondhand purchases, but everyone is to style-up for this evening, with full tuxedos, boutonnieres, gowns, corsages, cufflinks and jewelry. Hair, styled glamorously and nails made perfect–makeup, designer fragrances and formal shoes, too–all factor in for this senior prom. The day’s preparation for many might involve salon makeovers, various body mask treatments, waxings, stylings and cosmetic makeovers. Female attendees with perfectly French-tipped gel nails–maybe featuring a touch of rhinestone detailing will be twirling on the dance floor, while holding onto the hands of dance partners in tux finery, with well-performed manicures. Nothing but freshly-trimmed eyebrows and ear hairs,) to match recently acquired, salon haircuts.

The New Old Timers
Today’s seniors are far from resembling the ones from previous gens–they are healthier, more active and look a lot younger as a result. In fact, many of them could even rival their high school counterparts. Just sayin’. The word “prom” comes from the original “promenade,” referring to how party guests at one time would parade around at a party. It has never been restricted to teens, and actually, the first proms were held for students graduating from universities. It wouldn’t be until some time following WWII that proms began to center around the younger high schoolers.

This Senior Prom Itinerary
Among the standard array of festivities at this senior event, dinner is typically included. In fact, the whole thing is more of an all-inclusive soiree–mainly from changes in priorities over time. Just as with high school proms, these are created and feature decorations based on themes. They feature a Prom King and Queen, who receive crowns and other regalia, as well. Distinctively, these proms may even begin with a cocktail hour and serve wine with dinner. There may be wheelchairs in various numbers at these senior proms, but their riders will be dancing just as passionately as those without. DJs will concentrate music on the teen favorites of these groups, with additional requests from the crowd.

Community Prom Support
Many communities are finding a significant volume of people wanting to get involved with these new, senior proms, including high school seniors who enjoy contributing on various levels, from decorating to attending.  Various sponsors spring forth, contributing time, money, goods, services and talents where needed–from tuxedos and gowns to incredible foods from top restaurants–which helps everyone, including the contributors. Many sources are willing to help out with the gowns, which can become cost-prohibitive for many, otherwise.

Personalized Themes–Not Your Grandma’s
Among the trending themes are 50 and 60s-themed proms, with the associated decor, music, dress, hair and foods. Some feature forms of entertainment like stage shows with magic, dance, short dramatic vignettes and comedy. Others feature well-known local or national guest speakers. Certain senior proms focus on giving veterans of various military duty at long last their chance to attend the proms their active wartime participation did not allow. Considering the major success that these senior proms have had, we’re going to be seeing a lot more of them to come!

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