Serums & Thick Hair

Serums & Thick Hair

You know what thick hair is–in fact if you’re reading this, chances are pretty good that you have thick hair, and you’ve heard a lot of cosmetic and hair talk involving serums, but do you really understand what a serum is and how it’s different?

The Job That Hair Serums are Made for
Hair serums are uniquely formulated with silicone, in order to amply coat the hair (without making it greasy) and delivers more than one benefit. The fundamental work of hair serums is to penetrate down deep into the cuticle of the hair where it improves the structure of the hair–a feat that oil is unable to do. The silicone also blocks external moisture from negatively impacting the way hair is styled, and it blocks needed internal moisture from leaving the hair–effectively keeping it from drying and becoming brittle. Some serums will actually prevent hair from becoming tangled, and as serums naturally reflect light, they make hair shine.

Weighing-in on Serums
No matter what type of hair you have, you want a hair serum that doubles as a hair care product as well as a solution to assist in styling it. A top quality serum will add shine and protect your hair from damage by heat styling tools. You should only need to use a tiny amount in order for it to be effective. Only apply a serum to your hair when it’s freshly washed. A major problem with thick hair is the likelihood of frizz and dullness, which is what serums are all about. Make sure you use a serum with high-quality ingredients, or just don’t use one at all.

The manner in which you apply the serum is important, for your hair to benefit from using it. Always avoid applying serum to your roots, concentrating more on the ends, mostly. With improper application, using a serum could wind up attracting dirt to your roots, and discourage you from further use. The serums formulated to be applied as a spray are the easiest to use and evenly apply. The serum can be applied to wet, damp or dry hair, although it’s easier to get an even application when applied to wet hair.

Thick Hair Requires a Unique Serum Solution
While many serum formulations are developed to add volume, or thickness to hair, women who have been “blessed” with overly thick hair are in a tight squeeze, but generally, with thick hair, you don’t have to be as worried about weighing your hair down, as long as you avoid the roots. Thicker hair does well with heavier serums, when applied exactly as directed. A frequent mistake is to apply more serum than you need when you’re beginning to use serums. It takes a little time to develop a method and quantity that will best serve you and that thick mane of yours. Take care when adding more serum at a later point, as it could make your hair look oily. Keep trying different brands until you find one you love–and you surely will.

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