She Wears It Well

She Wears It Well

There’s something about red lips that can instantly make any outfit feel a little more special.  Red lips are a classic statement that continues to feel up-to-date regardless of the time.  They’ve been a powerful statement to a woman’s look for so many years, but still hold their power today.  Sometimes we get in a bit of a rut with our style, especially when we’re in the middle of a season.  So we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite summer styles that go well with red lips to give you a little style and beauty inspiration to use for the rest of the summer season.

All White Everything
If you’re like us, you tend to be drawn to wearing black a lot but sometimes when it’s really hot outside black feels heavy and hot.  Instead of opting for an all-black outfit, why not switch it up with all white?  It’s classic, chic and timeless.  And when you pair and all white outfits with a bold red lip….girl, you’re on fuego!  It may seem like such a simple combination, but it really makes an incredibly powerful statement.  White feels so fresh and clean in the warmer weather months, and adding the glam red lip pulls it together leaving you looking like a true fashionista.

Red and Red
Another one of our favorite outfits to pair with a red lip in the summer is with red incorporated into your outfit somewhere.  Typically, we’re not all about the matchy-matchy but there’s something about red clothes with a red lip that feels so chic.  You can go with a red dress, or even just a shirt/skirt that has some red detail in it.  Whatever your comfort level is with red, pairing it with a red lip takes it up a notch.  We all get a little more laid back with our makeup in the warmer months, so even if you’re not wearing as much makeup the red lip dresses it up a bit and it’s not adding a lot of extra product so you won’t feel like you’re wearing heavy makeup in the warm  weather.

Jean Shorts and a T-Shirt
For some reason, many of us feel like a red lip is reserved for more dressed up occasions, but there’s something about adding a red lip to an otherwise casual outfit that instantly makes it feel so much more special and trendy.  If you’re a jean shorts and t-shirt kind of girl, just add a pop with a red lip and you’re sure to feel a little more chic that day.  Whoever said red lips are only for formal occasions, we’re calling it out!  We don’t think red lips are reserved for any particular occasion, because every day is special – right?!  We think so!

The great thing about red lips is they literally pair well with basically any outfit.  While we most often see women rocking red lips in the fall and winter, we think the summer is a great time to bring out your red lip.

What’s your favorite way to wear red lips with a fun outfit in the summer?

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