Short Hair and Extensions

Short Hair and Extensions

If you’re a short-haired beauty and you want to add some length or volume to your look, extensions are a great way to do that.  It is, however, a little bit trickier for short haired ladies to add extensions into their hair and have them looking gorgeous and natural.  But naturally, we have some tips to keep in mind for those of you with short hair so you’re able to keep your extensions looking natural and gorgeous.  Ready to trick people into thinking your hair grew overnight?  Now you can with these steps…

Color Matters
No matter what type of extensions you have in, whether they’re clip-ins or sew-ins, it’s really important to make sure the color matches your real hair.  Typically, when the color is off from your natural hair, it’s one of the easiest ways to tell that there are extensions in.  Because there are so many variations of hair color, it’s important you get the closest match possible.  Look at the undertone of your natural hair color and be picky/specific on your extension color choice. Many experts have said that with clip-ins you can darken them but many don’t advise lightening because of the process the extensions go through prior to being purchased.  So with that being said, if you can’t get your PERFECT match then you can take clip-ins to your hairstylist to have them colored to the perfect match.

Blending Needed
Another big sign of extensions is when there’s a harsh contrast/difference in layers between the natural hair and extensions.  This is especially crucial with short hair because it’s likely the extensions will be longer than your natural hair.  So in order to blend the extensions in with your natural hair, it’s advised to get them cut and styled by your hairstylist.  Typically when you get extensions sew-in or done by a hairstylist part of the cost and process is that they will cut and style the extensions.  However, when you purchase clip-ins usually it’s what you see is what you get.  But there is an option!  Take your clip-ins to your hairstylist and ask for him/her to cut the clip-ins and create layers to help them look more blended and match your natural hair.  This is a super important step in making extensions look natural, especially for short hair.  When you get your extensions cut and layers created it gives them that more natural look.  While generally extensions come with a blunt cut, which you probably don’t have naturally.  Additionally, some experts suggest tousling your hair with the clip-ins in place to get the hair to mix in together a bit more.

Extensions are definitely a great way to add length and volume for any hair length, but when you have naturally short hair it’s important to take extra time to focus on these factors to make sure your extensions look natural.

What have you short-haired beauties found works well with creating a natural extension look?

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