Signs That Your Skin Is Aging Prematurely

Signs That Your Skin Is Aging Prematurely

Is your skin aging too quickly? This is a question we all probably ask ourselves at some point. Because aging and our skin showing signs of aging is such a huge fear for many of us, it’s something that many of us are constantly looking out for. While aging isn’t something that we can avoid altogether (we hate to break it to you), there are some signs that your skin is aging prematurely that you will want to keep your eyes open for. We’ve gathered up a list of some of the common signs your skin is aging prematurely to keep you on the lookout.

Uneven Complexion
A complexion that’s uneven because of blemishes and breakouts is one thing, but if you notice that your complexion is uneven in areas that aren’t related to acne it could be a sign of premature aging. Uneven complexion is typically the result of sun damage. If you begin to notice a change in your complexions evenness (or lack of) you’re going to want to take some steps to prevent further signs of aging from occurring there. Experts suggest making SPF application a bigger priority if you begin to notice uneven complexion anywhere on your skin. In addition, if you have some significant differences in your complexion adding a retinol product to your evening skin care routine can help repair a lot of the damage that’s been done before it gets worse.

Change in Your Eye Area
Our eye area is typically one of the first areas that shows signs of aging because the skin is so much thinner there than the rest of our face. If you’ve noticed a shift in your skin’s appearance around the eye area, that’s another common sign of premature aging. This can be the form of dark circles, the appearance of dryness in that area, or even very fine lines around the eye area. The best thing to do to begin to repair this sign of aging is to add an eye cream into your skin care routine. Eye creams are great because they’ve been formulated to work with the skin that’s around the eye area, as it has different needs than the rest of your skin. Additionally, you’re going to want to begin being more aware of how much pressure, pulling and tugging you do on that area. Being as gentle as possible to the skin in this area is essential to prevent more aging from occurring.

Loss of Glow
Remember when we were young? We all just had that natural, gorgeous glow in our skin. Ahh those were the days. Well, as it turns out the loss of that glow is another common sign of premature aging. If you begin to notice that your skin appears a bit dull and lackluster, it’s something you want to take note of and make some changes. Typically dullness in the skin is the result of not enough hydration and moisture in the skin. Changing up your moisturizing products to something that’s a bit more hydrating can work wonders on helping to fight this premature aging sign from getting any worse.

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